Trick Dog Training #2 – Spin Left + Spin Right / Walk Backwards

This week I thought I’d go back to some fun stuff to do with our dogs.  Nothing more fun than tricks…

There are two video lessons this week:
Lesson 1 – Teach Your Dog to Spin Left and Right
Lesson 2 – Teach Your Dog to Walk Backwards

Even though I covered the Walk Backwards before, many of you have asked for a follow up, so here it is.  I think the spin left and spin right will be really fun to teach your dog.  Goofy never knew this and we had a blast teaching it to him.  It took him a few weeks of luring and now he can just do it.  Be patient with your dog.

Teaching Your Dog Tricks is not ONLY Fun, But it Builds Confidence!

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  • 2 Video Lessons