Which Toy is the Better Reward?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll always say it: Dogs work better when they are presented with the promise of a reward.  They WILL perform if they MUST, but their performance will appear as such.  In other words, if you want your dog to look happy doing  a job… make sure he thinks there’s a reward involved.

For people who say, “I don’t always want to have to have a treat to lure my dog into doing what I ask – you’re kinda right!  Your dog will form associated patterns if he thinks there’s always gonna be a reward there.  You’re making him think that there will always be a ball, tug or treat – doesn’t mean it always has to be there.  Done properly, reward-based training builds a stronger and better bond than aversives.  I do leave the door open for aversives.  If a dog does NOT comply when I know he knows what I want, he will get corrected, but that comes a bit later.  Right now, let’s focus on rewards.

Tug is the best game for the RIGHT dog!

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