Ultimate ECollar Hack

Those of you who know me, know I’m always trying to build a better mousetrap.  It’s no exception when it comes to dog training gear.  Over the years, I’ve modified equipment to make it work better for me and for those of my friends who have also used it.

I think the ecollar is the single most effective, humane and fair tool we can use for training.  AND…  I like to make it better.  In my other e-collar videos I showed you the basic modification.  but in this video I am releasing my long coveted secret for the Ultimate E-Collar Hack.

For those of you who are not using ecollars for any reason; maybe its not right for your dog or you just don’t want to – I support you 100%.  But just back and let this lesson be something special for the advanced people who really can benefit from this amazing piece of information. It’s been a secret of mine for over 10 years, and as you can see by the inserted video that I shot about 6  years ago… it is quite cool.

The idea to this is to help you develop a better piece of equipment for your dog.  Why don’t manufacturers make this collar, not sure, except that I think it’s such a small group of people that would appreciate it, they wouldn’t have too many sales.  And, as you’ll see after watching these simple hacks, you really can do it yourself quite simply!

There’s no Take Aways or Steps in this lesson, just the video.  Enjoy!

The ULTIMATE eCollar Hack!

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