What is Positive Training

It all starts here!

One of the biggest controversies in dog training is between positive only training and everyone else. I thought it would be important to address this in a lesson since we all want to train our dogs “positively.” After all, who would want to be negative to their dog?

Balance is Everything

We must realize that everything in life is balanced somewhere between negative and positive. In the Chinese book the TAO it talks about balance in life. So avoid the black and white, the hot and cold and see the middle. I have stressed this balance in my martial art instruction as well as my theory of dog training. Dogs look to avoid pain and pursue pleasure -we all do.

Of course, if you make a mistake in your life, you may find some discomfort – and that won’t kill you. Your dog will not be permanently scarred by receiving a correction. However, the risk of him having issues later on will be greater if he is never told right from wrong.

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