Member Questions 1-14-22

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How do I properly correct my dog for scratching on the door. I work from home and will work with the door closed to keep the noise out from the rest of the house of kids etc. The dog just wants to to come it and see where I am but it’s damaging the paint on the door. My older (4) lab would sit by the door an make a soft wiper to be let in. We just got a rescue dog (1.5yr pit/sheppard) who will scratch. Love all your videos they have been so helpful.


Hey Robert, My 17-month English Cocker is highly motivated with food for training, which is a good thing except when I’m trying to eat. Sometimes I put him in a crate and eventually he settles. Now, I have a platform that I’m trying to teach him the Place/Down commands while I eat. I give him treats if he stays on the platform, but he breaks the command several times before he figures to Stay. Is it better to make corrections when he breaks the Stay or just give treats if he holds the Stay? Thanks.

oldsap Charlie

Naimbag nga aldaw (our dialect for Good day) Robert and Janet. During our walks, my 2yo Mal usually reaches the end of the leash, doesn’t really pull but leash is stretched out with just a little tension. I correct when I feel it’s too much with a pop, or I do a 180, or stop walking. He is very wise to this. He can sense the point where I will correct him and tries not to go beyond it. Do I correct him for this behavior? If so, how do I go about doing it? Diyos ti Agngina (God Bless)


My 13mo Anatolian is not a big jumper but at random moments will jump on me. It’s not something I can predict so I’m never ready to correct him or anything. I’ve seen methods like putting your knee up, which works for my 45lb dog, but my Anatolian is my height when he jumps and my knee does nothing. Is this just something he will grow out of since he’s still young? Or can I do anything about it?

Didi Y

6 month old GSD would rush to the fence and bark (demand play) when she hears my next door’s old, fearful, male beagle is out. Lyla listens well till this moment. I tried to get in between them by the fence & ask her “leave it”, but she ignores my command & runs to the other side of the fence and keeps barking/demanding. She would keep barking at other dogs during our walk/in the park. How do i correct this behavior?

Michael M

I watched your YouTube video on luring. My GSD is now 15 weeks old and I didn’t do a very good job with luring early. Her food drive is not very high. How can I increase her food drive? Is it just a matter of fasting her more often and serving less at mealtime? I search the FAQs but didn’t find anything relative. Thanks for all the great resources you provide.

Sandra Å

I have a wonderful, dominant, independent, hard to motivate, 7 months male Shiba Inu puppy. Thanks to you his training is going great and we are building a good relationship. We love taking long walks and he is doing good with the lose leash training. Lately he has started whining/leeking when he wants to sniff/mark his favorit spots and I dont stop, or when he waits for a release command when in a sit before sniffing. I have pretended not to notise. Is this wrong? How should I handle this best?


15 yo Labrador has slowly developed fear from riding in the car over the past couple years. Tail tucked it as soon as the car moves and he’s not comfortable enough to lay down. Reluctantly follows my command to get in the car. I’ve tried treats and very short rides to places he likes (dog parks), but that hasn’t helped.

1. Several methods on how to overcome this?

2. Soon will be bringing a 2 mo old Malinois. Will he pick up the fear of riding in the car if he rides with my Lab in the car?


I am wondering if you have made a video, or even better a word document, that guidelines the behaviors people should follow when meeting my puppy during the critical socialization time. I saw one video that said to make sure to pick people who are good with dogs and then there was a clip of a guy sitting in the grass hold a puppy by its arm pits waving his tongue in the puppies face with a big red “X” through it, but you didn’t show the proper behavior, to my recollection.


What is the best way to handle barking from exciting?


it seems my question was missed. it was not on the video just released as i expected. or was it just not selected? if unselected, do those questions receive an answer the following week? i tried to post in the forum but then i didnt see my post. i am having trouble navigating or is there some other issue?


I have an 8 week old puppy. She is still getting used to the crate. I’m putting treats in there and training her to go in shutting the door etc. She’s still not comfortable in it. What should I do with my puppy at night? Should I let her sleep out of the crate, or put her in it and have her whine all night?

Kim P

I have an almost 1 year old Mal who has recently started to poo in the kennel at night. I make sure he gets plenty of mental/physical stimulation throughout the day, and has safe toys in his crate. However, ONLY during bed time will he gladly go in, a couple short hours later I’ll wake up to poo. I take him out before bed and do quick exercises/play time. I haven’t changed his food and have cut back on treats. We have a pretty good schedule, he just threw the wrench in the last few days. He will wait till I notice and go out to clean up. I have said “this is bad”, taken him for a walk (separate time) or just cleaned it up, taken him out and go back to bed. I guess my big question is, what do you think is causing this and what’s a proper correction (I’d never hit him or rub his nose in, not saying you’d ever suggest that) I try to keep a neutral response so he isn’t rewarded with any behavior in case he’s doing it for attention. Thank you so much for your time and knowledge!

Kimbra M

Hi Robert! We have a 10yo fear aggressive female Aussie/Collie. She has attacked several dogs and almost attacked 2 puppies out of fear when they get in her face or she thinks they are trying to attack her. She is the sweetest family dog, getting old, lost a lot of teeth, wants to play with other dogs but she doesn’t know how or lacks the confidence. We live in San Diego and need someone to help us prepare her and us. Talking to ManK9 right now. Or how do we help her accept the puppy safely?

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