Member Questions 12-21-21

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Hi Robert, love all of your videos, thank you!

Q: We would like to hear your thoughts on “What is the best approach when raising two puppies (Eng Staffy) at the same time (not from the same litter)? We have separated schedules for the pair. Is it better to build engagement/training as a pack or an individual 1 on 1 basis? and how long should i keep them separated for? I still want them to have a strong bond but not more stronger than their bond with us?

Kind regards


Hi Robert, I asked the question already 1 week ago but it seems it has apparently been lost: I would like to know how or with which exercise I can build the self-consciousness of my dog? His reactions to dogs seem aggressive at times, but I think he is very insecure..

Neal D

Hi Robert &Janet. I am having trouble understanding how to train for the concept of “don’t do anything else until I tell you otherwise” when in a down/sit/place/wait commands. How and when does one reach that point in obedience? Also should I avoid such commands in situations where he is being reactive? If so then how is this solid obedience? I want to release him ASAP but sometimes in realistic situations the command needs to last longer than in training sessions. He is a 11 month old Gsd.


I walk a GSD once a week. He is normally really well behaved and does lots of obedience and play. He does a sit & wait when I see other dogs approaching. I am always watching for other dogs & get him to stand, clip lead on and then move into sit & wait, then release. I didn’t see another male dog approaching today and my gsd went up to it and after 3 secs a fight broke out. This has only happened about 3 times in 8yrs. He ignored me & I wasn’t quick enough. Any help for ignoring when off lead?

Jodi H

How do I stop my 1 year old malinois from wanting super aggressive play from only male in the house. He bites and barks and tries to provoke him to play fight. just a little background… he is one that has put on sleeve for bite work. Please help. It’s getting out of control with only him.

Cossette D

Hi Robert, I am training my 3yr M GSD for IGP 1, at times he blows me off when I ask for an out with his ball. At the moment I go between either a correction or steady pressure on the prong to make him release rather than give the out command twice. This is because he gets to a point with both where he heavily resists one but will respond nicely to the other. Am I confusing him by going between the two ? It just seems more humane to go with what he shows the least resistance to. God bless.



I am trying to determine why my 8-month male Mali is reactive to some people and not others. I am trying to understand this behavior, as it is so unpredictable, and makes interaction with others tricky. It’s a coin toss. I get the sense he only becomes reactive around people that are nervous of him, which makes him nervous, and he reacts. A point to add, is that his hormones have kicked in.

Thank you

Mary P

I have a 15 week old Malinois puppy. She is my second malinois so I know the breed. She will go completely crazy like a demon if she doesn’t get her way. I am not sure how to correct this correctly. Usually because I do not want to get bit I grab the back of her collar and hold her as still as I can or if she is really going crazy I pin her down so she cannot bite me. I am at a loss at what to do. I think this is puppy frustration. Nothing works when she is like this – no food no toys help!

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