Member Q&A – 4/07/21

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Today’s Member Q&A


Hi Robert, Happy Easter, I was wondering if reward markers (yes) are still needed once the dog has learned the behavior and is in the process of fading treats to a variable reward schedule?

Or should you always use a reward marker even without treats?


Loretta P

I would like to visit my sister, who has a few free range chickens in her yard. I have to bring my 2 year old Presa with me. Any advice?


How do I stop my dogs barking like crazy when I get home. They only bark if they are together,the one dog starts and that gets the other dog started. How do I stop it if no one else is home?


Hey Robert – I recently started conditioning my one year old GSD/Malinois mix to the e collar. I have the Garmin Delta Sport XC that you recommended. I did not change the prong and kept it on the ones that came on the device. He didn’t seem to notice the sensation until it got up to between 7 and 9. That seemed rather high. Is that a result of the prong size or do some dogs need a higher setting? I know you addressed some of this in the e-collar hack video but wanted to confirm. Thanks!


Our 1 yr old male Golden Retriever has started going crazy biting his leash and jumping when trying to take him for a walk. He asks to go out and sits nicely while putting his leash on. But once he does his business and we start to walk, we cannot even get more than 20 feet and he’s over excited and goes crazy. He won’t listen to any commands when he does this. Not sure what to do. He used to go on walks just fine. He isn’t fixed. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Kyle G

I often recall my dog and then re- release him to the environment, as a sort of primary reinforcement. My issue is sometimes he predicts the release before completing the recall. He comes to within 5 feet and then circles back to go sniff. This is a recent development and other than this his recall is excellent. Dog is 18 month old Rottweiler. My Question is how do I go about fixing this issue? Is it blatant non compliance or just confusing I created? Thanks. Hope this question isn’t confusing.


Hey, our 5 month GSD seems to be showing “Fear of missing out”. I am her main caregiver, but if somebody from my family (child or wife) goes into a shop and we stay outside she (the puppy) goes crazy. She shows the same problem if we are on a walk and I try to walk behind everyone else with her (she desperately screams to try and get to the front). She will do the same thing if she stops to sniff and everyone moves in front she will then not tolerate being at the back.

What can I do? Thanks.

chris b

Our 16 month GSD has a dog friend next door. They have played together and when we were building our new fence, they had access to each other and loved it. Now our fence is up and they can no longer see each other or romp and play. Our dog has gone into an emotional slump, very sad and confused, diarrhea and won’t eat. Do you think we should get him a companion dog? He’s so sad and we are sort of saps for him, although another dog will be such a big commitment. Suggestions??


I noticed your choke chains have much larger links than mine. I have a Herm Sprenger 18″ x 2mm. Do you recommend the larger link size? I see they have 3mm and 4mm links available. For context my dog is about 50lbs with around a 14-15″ neck size She is a poodle so deep chest, slim neck.. Thanks!


Hi Robert, I just want to know if this is an issue or should I correct this behavior? Me and my family are walking together. There are 5 of us excluding dogs. Beside me is my 6 month old Malinois, while walking he tends to not go beside me, he either goes forward somewhere near at the center of the family. I probably would think this is ok ? since he sees us as a pack. Although if it’s just the 2 of us he knows he should be on my left side.


Hi Robert. I have a dog that will sit calmly next to me on a loose leash and lunge and bite in a “striking” manner only when someone or something is moving away from him. Can you explain why? I’m confused by this behavior. I’m cautious to not have tension on my leash and I make sure I’m between the dog and the person. Thank you.

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