Member Questions 1-11-22

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Hi Robert, I have a 5 month old puppy that has been with me since 8 weeks. She learns really fast but I have not been structured with her + I have my 6 year old son with me 1 week out of two and they feed on each other’s energy. it’s been chaotic I want to restart training and structure. Biggest issues: she thinks my son is her toy so she jumps and bites, she jumps at anyone she meets and can’t calm down, pulls on the leash. What do I start with to get us both back on track?

Thank you!

Noah M

Hello Robert I hope your doing well. We have been doing left and right about turns and engagement drills with our 18 month old labradoodle to help with leash walking. What should we do when we are going on a walk and not training? It’s not very convenient to do a 180 turn when we are on a hiking trail or in public. Thanks!

Kim B

Robert – Thank you so much for your reply regarding my male Samoyed’s car barking. He has a similar problem barking from the deck when other dogs walk by at our vacation condo. Will the bark collar be useful here as well or do I need to employ another tactic? I remove him from the deck when he barks but would like to see the behavior reduce if possible. We are doing well with our training in other areas. Thank you for your help. I am finding this membership very helpful.


What is the path or paths to becoming certified as a dog trainer?

I am totally a dog guy and I want to help others with their dogs.


Our 7 week Belgian Malinois is possessive over any toy/blanket our 9 y.o American Bulldog has/lies on. She will walk right over and lie on top of the toy until our 9 y.o will just walk away. When she is on a bed, our 7 week old will lie right down next to our 9 y.o. Our 9 y.o will eventually get up. There is no food aggression and they play well together. Our concern is how can we assure that our 7 week old puppy does not develop a ‘Bully’ attitude towards our 9 y.o American Bull dog?


On my previous question I forgot to ask about this. Was correcting my pup (6 months old) no physical just repeating a command he failed to follow through with. He showed his teeth to me. I immediately told him NO! He did it again this is the first time he has ever done that. I put drag line on him with repeated downs and sits throughout my house to establish respect. This behavior led me to you. Did I screw up? If so what do you do in this situation? He gets schooled every day on commands.


6M old fem. GSD. Whenever we reach down for whatever, she becomes so enthusiastic and her typical response is to want to shoot up and do this It’s the tiniest nip, sometimes just some weird nose bump. It is not hard, undesired and still painful for us! Not a matter of aggression/dominance AFAIK, rather seems to be the culmination of her enthusiasm. Ordered to sit, she breaks out and nips. ATM I’m making interactions unpleasant due to the rain of corrections with little effect. ☹ Any advice?

Noah M

I have an 18 month old labradoodle. We were playing this morning but my dog was not very interested. We both were starting to get frustrated. My dog began to mount my leg and bite my clothes. I yelled “No!”, grabbed him by his collar and told him to sit. He stopped and didn’t continue. I feel terrible because I should have given my correction without any emotion. What should I do next time? Have I damaged my relationship? How can I avoid conflict, frustration, and confusion in training? Thanks!


I asked a question last week about my dog barking when the doorbell rings. You said to give her a command like down or go to place..she knows that she should go to her mat when the doorbell rings but she still barks on her mat so it’s not stopping the behavior. I’ve tried different behaviors and she’ll do them immediately but still bark continuously..she’s a Pyrenees 🙂 what should I do?

Jackie B

My 91/2 month old Ripley absolutely loves frisbee and ball. She can play all day. I make her bring me back frisbee to my hand easy I say. Sometimes she forgets and I say uh oh you forgot something and I point for her to go get it. She has been jumping up at my hand and grabbing at it lately. Like she’s upset that I’m making her go get it. I put the frisbee away for a few minutes and make her sit before we start again. Any suggestions or just keep doing what I’ve been doing? I hope wording was right


I’ll be getting my dog spayed soon.She stays outside on our small farm in a big secured area,so shes not crate trained.She is super high energy and I know she will go crazy being forced to relax after surgery. Can’t let her stay in the house cuz family member has severe sensitivity.So she will have to stay in a crate in the shed to heal safely.How do I prepare her for being confined to a crate all day when she’s never done that before?Will ask vet for sedatives but also wanted to ask for advice.

Raymond L

I was walking my dog with a friend and her dog. I was engaged in a conversation with my friend. Not Paying attention to the dog as we walked. There was an empty french fry container on the ground and the dog picked it up. I tried to take it from him and he growled at me. He would not let go of it. I pulled on it and it came out of his mouth. He then bit me in the hand. He did break the skin and bleed. What do I do in a situation like this?


Hi, Robert. Thank you for all the great material. I know in some videos you say (when recalling) you need to be more exciting than the distraction. In other videos you mentioned changing your tone or clapping to get the dog to recall teaches them they don’t have to listen on the first command in a sense and they can wait until you do something more interesting to pay attention. Where is the fine line? Is “being more interesting” just in the beginning phases? Puppy is 6 mo old hound mix. Thank u

Lauren L

My 1 YR 3 MO Belgian Malinois starts “denning” when we sit to relax on the beach and he gets very territorial towards dogs he doesn’t know. If an unknown off-leash dog approaches within a 10-15 ft radius he lunges/growls/barks to warn the other dog off. He’s well-tempered + not reactive/territorial with dogs when we are walking or still for a short time. We keep him on a leash. How can I train him out of this behavior so I can relax on the beach without worrying about approaching dogs?

Dimitry V

Hi Robert. Excellent site and content, thanks for taking the time to put it together. I have a 9 week old male mal, great pup, I have him only for a week and I, with the help of your videos have found a line of communication with him. The only thing I have a real problem with is that he gets aggressive (growling/biting) when I put him into my lap when I am sitting on the floor. He goes nuts especially when tired. Doesn’t happen if I lift him up to my chest while standing. Any help is appreciated.


Hello Robert and Janet- Working on distance recall with my Great Dane. When I call him to me he runs really fast and runs past me and will run into me at times. He doesn’t run away- just enough that he just goes past then turns back to me. He LOVES this exercise but how do I slow him down so he will stop in front of me? His momentum is so strong. Thank you !

David C

I am impressed with your knowledge and advice given to do owner’s. I am expecting to get my new GSD. I have owned them before and love them and trained them but not to extent of planning to train this puppy. What should I do the very first day when I get him. I want a very structured dog. I want to love and play with him. How should I start out with him. I plan on hand feeding him to start off with. Could you go into depth on how to handle for the 1st couple of weeks. Thank you for your help.

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