Member Questions 1-18-22

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I live in a remote northern village with a 4 month GSD lab husky mix. We walk along the shore and a forest road with a 30ft line attached to a harness. In the open she is fine, changing direction at the end of the line and frolicking in deep snow, but when I have to keep her close to avoid entanglement or danger she pulls a lot. The vet predicts she will reach 80 pounds. Treats are not an option now as I have to wear heavy gloves due to the cold. I hesitate to teach her not to ever pull in the harness because I plan to do canicross-style hiking with her eventually and she will need to pull me up rocks on a short bungee line. Even now sometimes she helps pull me up snow drifts or small inclines when we are walking. But at other times she needs to really not pull and walk with me, especially on icy patches.  I am practicing heel in the house but the skill is not transferring at all.


Robert, we have a 13 week German Shepherd/ Malinois mix. She is persistent about trying to dig in the carpet and pulls/bites it with her teeth. We attempt to correct by using a firm ‘No’ then redirect to an appropriate chew toy. This works for less than 1 minute, then she’s back at it. Help/thanks.


Any Idea when your Goofy baseball jersey shirts will be back in stock? I have one jersey, 3 sweatshirts, and the vest. They are all great, but want a couple more jerseys. Every dog person I know who sees my gear loves it. Size lg. by the way if you have extra lying around..

Danny, use this link to get your baseball jersey… I’m trying to get them over to my other store, but in the meantime, here you go!

Didi Y

hi,Robert, 6 month old GSD, she is perfect off leash walk, but hates leash walk. She is okay when i put on leash & when i put leash in front of her mouth. As soon as i say “let’s walk”, she would turn around and started chewing on the leash + tugging the leash. i drag the leash out of her mouth while saying “leave it”, but she keeps turning around & chewing on it, it will take 10 min for her to finally drop the leash….. but if i say “walk with me”, the battle will start again. please help! She also started jumping on people (including me) when she is excited. How to tell her this is not acceptable? My breeder told me to knee her, Is there another effective way to prevent this happening? Thank you!


You say a dog should always walk within one body length of you on a loose leash,but Im not sure how to teach my dog that cuz I go on walks in the forest with her on a long line so she can sniff while walking.So she ends up all over the place and I dont mind cuz that’s the point of the walks.But other times when shes on a leash and I don’t want her all over the place,how do I make it clear I want her on a loose leash next to me and not sniffing everything?Is it just about using a shorter leash?

Noah M

Hey Robert! I’m a little confused about release words and I’m hoping you can clarify. Other than “Yes”, do you use a word to release the dog from a position to do whatever he wants? Or do you always use “Yes” to release, even if you don’t have a reward? Thanks!


14 week Mal. Obedience going great but.. I always make her sit at the open door before she’s allowed to go out. Occasionally she’s defiant and will just bark instead of sitting and a few times she has snapped at me (out of frustration). I give a firm no and just wait until she sits and we go out. Do you recommend a different way of handling that?


Hi Robert ridgback Dog 2.5 yr with behavior problems like chasing and jumping towards things that move fast (bikes, runners), if I play games with him that raise the drive, he really likes to play, can it make the behavior problems worse (when walking outside)? How do you manage it properly?


I’m conditioning my 16 month old Border Collie to the e-collar right now. My sole purpose for the e-collar is to provide off lead freedom in future. She does very well in areas with no wildlife (will recall from other dogs, flying balls etc.), but as soon as there is the possibility of chasing an animal she’s gone (she’s on long line, but tries to chase). How do I know how high I need to set the e-collar for a correction for failure to recall? And is 16 months old ok to expect this? Thank you!

Youssef G

Hello Robert, I just started watching your videos . I just recently purchased a Belgian Malinois/ German Shepard puppy. I got him at 5 weeks old and he is now 10 weeks old and I have been training him since. I have only been showing him the basics like “ Sit “ “ down “ “ Up “ and “ stay “ and he is excelling. Although he cries a lot when I put the harness on him and doesn’t like when he has it on, how can I fix this ?

Sherrie L

Hi, I recently received a 2 year old female

Malinois. She is my new K9 partner and will be trained in explosive detection. She sleeps in her crate at night with the door open. The crate is located in our bedroom. My question is tonight we tried to put her in the crate with the door closed while we cooked for 20 minutes and she whimpered and barked the entire time. Any tips or advice to properly crate train her. She came to us partially trained so we’ve been working on basic obedience.


My five month old puppy is a small breed, and she doesn’t pull horribly during our walks, but what has been a big struggle is that she constantly tries to stop and sniff everything. It’s more like me having to pull her along ( we use a harness, not a collar), so we can get her exercise in. I have recently started to be more consistent and strict about keeping us on the move and working on heeling. Do you have any specific suggestions for helping a puppy not have to stop and sniff everything?


I am getting my first Malinois puppy (8 week old). How does one go about finding a reputable trainer? Are there particular questions that can reveal a good trainer? I am especially interested in thoroughly socializing the Malinois to other puppies, adult dogs, people, children, but also cats and rodents. Yet, it seems like such courses are hard to find. I plan to take him to HomeDepot and other public places, but my concern is that it might be insufficient socialization for a Malinois.

Nicholle R

Good morning! I have a 1yr old mal/dutch cross. i live with my boyfriend and his 12yr old son. he is crated trained and constantly working on his obedience. he gets worked up, whining, barking and jumping to get your arm or hand.if we are out somewhere all together and one of us walks ahead of him or leaves the area. this will happen at home when he is on his line in the yard or if he wants attention and we are not able to or need to move and leave his side


How do you deal with the severe dog-to-dog fear aggression?

1) A dog who barks, pursues to attack another dog instead of first trying to escape from him

2) Normal fear aggression, a dog who first tries to escape but pursues to attack if escape is not an option

I know you don’t correct behaviors based on fear, how would you approach this then? -because if you have a dog on a harness/collar and dog pursues to react, he would be reinforcing himself because of leash and may stay fear aggressive?

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