Member Questions 1-20-23

Scott H

You’ve helped me with my male Golden Retriever Grady (13 mos.) so much. Now I’m trying to get his barking under control. He barks at everything and everybody. Especially my neighbor. Just wants her to talk to him but so annoying. I watched your video on Bark vs E collar. I’ve been wrong using the eCollar to correct. I feel bad for sure. I bought the Dogtra 600 and I’m concerned whether it’s the right thing to do for barking. I don’t want him to think NEVER barking is what I want. I just want it under control. Your ADVICE is all I need on this one You haven’t steered me wrong yet!


What is your opinion on dog walkie-talkies? I am intrigued by the idea but all of them seem to simultaneously be marketed as a “shock collar”. I don’t believe my dogs need this, I just want to communicate with them more easily when we are in large open spaces or on hiking trails. Do you have any recommendations? Thank you.

Francis B

I watched one of your leash walking videos where you said to not keep tension in the line. My 6 month old puppy pulls and pulls and i cannot ever create tension. How do I resolve this?

Leslie L

When crate training an adult dog with mild separation anxiety would it be better to have the crate in a back room or in the living room where he can see us. He tends to be much more relaxed & calm in the crate if he can see us but I don’t know if that is counter-productive to his mild separation anxiety. We feed him in his crate and have slowly been increasing the time he is in there. We are up to about 15 minutes without him whining, crying, pawing, biting the crate. I’m thinking he could spend more time in the crate and become more comfortable with it by changing the location but unsure.


My dog it’s an adult female malinois, it’s scared to be bathed, she has no problem with Ponds, mud or beach but when I need to wash her or rinse her, she freaks, doesn’t want to be in the shower or under the hose water and we live in a really hot weather some times I worry she can get heat stroke or something and she doesn’t want to bee cooled of with clean water (from a human source ) and not everywhere has a pond.


I have a 5 mon malinois pup, I would like to compete in obedience/agility/PSA. she is really dog reactive. @home without any dog distractions she’s great So I thought that being in a puppy class would help her learn to be neutral. 1st class she barked at all dogs, trainer hands me a water bottle and had me spray her every time she barks, which worked. Today our 2nd class he told me to use the leave it command every time she barks at the other 8 dogs. . It really frustrated her, and got more aggressive by end of class. Should we continue? Does she Need grp.classes 2 compete? Use waterbottle?


Hello, I am awaiting the arrival of my second Malinois rescue, a 1 year old female, from Spain, who will arrive in the UK from Spain in 10 days. I had one Malinois rescue before, who sadly died, with whom I had a profound learning journey (he had enormous trauma). I have chosen my new dog for her age and calm temper, and because she doesn’t seem to have significant trauma. What lessons do you recommend I start with, for a solid build up, aiming at advanced obedience eventually, with a primary need to get a dog scared of vehicles used to London, and for solid foundations post puppy age? Thanks

Melissa M

Hi R & J, hope all is well. Do you have any advice/tips on dealing with toy snatching? Anubis (1) regularly snatched the toy from my hand regardless of where it is i.e. at chest for ‘center’ or under arm for ‘heel’ etc. he gets me too, though I’m thankful he realizes it’s my hand or I’d have lost a finger or 2 by now. outs are sketchy, he squishes the toy (likely to get fingers if you try take it) and shakes. it’s a pain if I had a routine/sequence of command to work on & he grabs it before I want him to have it. That leads to him essentially getting the toy when he wants.

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