Member Questions 1-6-24

William B

As of today I have a 4 1/2 month male GSD old from the Czech Republic. Have also purchased a Belgian Malinois due in March from Holland, non-refundable. The only choice I have is the Gender of the Mal. I prefer a male any suggestions? Both can-not be neutered per contract and both available to Police/Military only (I’m Police). This will be both personal dogs and drug trained. I have 2 Gunner Kennels.  Thankyou Happy New year


Hi Robert! I have a 11 month old malinois. During our play sessions with fetch he charges back and jumps into my chest. I’m worried about an injury to his legs. I give a center command to him before the jump, but he continues the jump. When he does this I stand firm, ignore him, and command him out and down in which he does.After numerous repetitions he gets the point and does the center command. Will time fix this or is a correction needed before the jump? I’m worried about taking the drive out of his return fetch. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Carol W

What do I do if my dog still occasionally urinates inside, she’s three years old.

Lois H

I just wanted to thank you for your post about Mr Beast and the 100 shelter dogs. The timing was perfect. I had just watched a horrific video about a cat that had been tortured. Usually there is a very happy ending but not this time. The imprint of the cruelty of some humans will be with me forever. Thank you for reminding me of the other side of humanity.


My 4 year old GSD/Mal was recently diagnosed with IMHA. Thankfully, after a blood transfusion his red blood cell numbers are back in the normal range. He is on several medications including prednisone. The prednisone is making him extremely hungry and he is constantly looking for food. He cannot stop! It’s like he is possessed. He jumps on the counter and the dining room table, gets into garbage. We feel bad because it’s the medicine causing this behavior but he is becoming intolerable. We may be able to start weaning him off but he will be on it for at lease another month. What should we do?


Hi Robert, i have a 6 month old male Bullarab x Boerboel i have trouble training him as every time i have treats or even patting him he gets too excited as his penis comes out every time and he just won’t do anything once it happens. Any advice on how i can fix this please would be fantastic. BTW your videos are fantastic 

Kind Regards Steve


My 10 yr old pitt sharpai is trying to leave the backyard now and able to jump our fence to get out…we have put up chicken wire and spikes to detour this behavior. He is a rescue but we have had him for 8 plus years along with our boxer/rott female. they have always been packy and cannot bring them to dog parks. He is now trying to escape our kennel and doing anything to get out when we leave, one time he did it when we were home (jumped the fence) He used to be ok being home alone a long as he was securely fenced in the yard, we have a doggy door as we work I have gotten him on Trazadonnow

John R

Our dog’s just shy of a year and a half: As soon as the sun goes down she becomes anxious and won’t stop barking at the door- we have some windows on the side of our front door and she’s triggered by car lights – I’ve tried going outside with a flash light to emulate but she caught on quickly after two minutes. There are definitely things she hears outside – people, dogs, deer, coyotes but she’s clearly anxious most of the night until she finally conks out. During the day she’ll bark at dogs she see’s through windows but she’s not anxious until night


Hi Robert, I’ve been working on long leash recall daily w/my dog for a little over a month. He drags a 15ft lead as we walk in various areas (woods, street, school grounds etc) and I call him back at random – mid run, and in high and low distraction areas. I reward w/food when he comes on the first call only. How do I fade the food reward and continue to get the same results? I want to be fair in fading and I’m not sure the process. I don’t want to over treat w/food but I do want to reward his good behavior too. Thanks for your advice!

Harold C

Apex is my dogs name. He is a rescue that I picked up in October 2023. Not sure what breed he is. They have him down as a retriever mix. I’m not sure. My concern is that I have been feeding Apex out of my hand since I’ve adopted him. If he is not hungry he will not eat out of my hands,which is fine. However, when I put food in his bowl he doesn’t eat it. I’m not sure what to do. He will eat it out of my hands, and occasionally eat out of the bowl. Maybe its just me! It seems he’s not eating out of the bowl consistently. I’ve never came across this. Is this normal?

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