Member Questions 10-13-23

Vanessa M

We have a 12 week old Doberman puppy who was bottle-fed since birth due to the mother having to be hospitalized. We got him at 7 weeks. He likes to root on blankets and plush beds as if he is nursing. Should we be discouraging or trying to eliminate/redirect this behavior at this age, or wait to see if he grows out of it? Thanks in advance!

Mark R

Hello guys, 

Wanting to fix my dogs sit. She will always do a lazy sit, one hip is always to the side when sitting.. always has from day one. She’s 3 now. How do I fix this best? Do I just reward for the correct sitting position although when I say sit she sits, just not perfect.

Al S

at what age can I introduce my BM puppy to a prong collar ? He is currently 20 weeks.

Mark C

Hi Robert my becoming a member is the best. I thank you. Enzo is now 18 months old and his training is coming on very well at our K9 school. His single biggest problem however is is absolute mistrust / fear of other dogs. Thus at training on lead /he is constantly looking around at the other dogs resulting in little to no focus on me. He is exceptional training on his own with me even with outside distractions. Do I just need to persevere at the school. Best regards Mark


Hey Robert, my 12 month doberman somewhat gets the game of tug. I also throw in obedience. She drops the toy when asked, and if not, I deaden the toy until she drops it. However, when I let her win, she runs off with the toy and doesn’t bring it back (I’ve tried), so I let her enjoy her prize for a bit before I go to her to get it back. I’ll tell her to drop it, and she does, but when I reach out, she’ll nip at my hands, sometimes hard. I don’t pull back until I have the toy. Could the nipping be a sign of resource guarding leading to a bite? How could I address this?

Robert H

I’m ready to purchase the Martin E-collar system you recommend from your website. You mention using both the PT3000 and K9 remotes. I am a first time E-collar user. What is the advantage of one or the other? Have tried contacting Martin System several times in the last month by their “Contact” link hoping to clarify questions about after sale service and product technical questions. To date, have received no reply. Should I submit all questions to you? Thank you.


I have bought 2 and half month old malinois puppy 2 days ago, the thing is he is sooo energitic that i am having a hard time with training him the basics [sit, ground] is that normal at this age ? also he keeps biting me softly but i want that habit to go away. can you recommend a video about those 2 questions please ? thanks

Joe D

Hi, we have a gate blocking off the front room of our house mostly to give our older dog and cats a place away from our 16 mos. old GSD. The issue we’re having is when we try to move through ourselves to go outside or upstairs she goes beserk with aggressive barking and jumping up on it. I think it’s due to her desire to get to the cats since she knows they are in those areas. Even strong corrections with leash and choke chain seem to have no effect during this time. Any thoughts? Would an ecollar help with this issue? Or should I try to continue with place command (been trying for months).


Hi Robert, our 6 month old lab has been walking nicely to heel for some time. However, out of the blue he will start jumping, snapping at my hand and the leash, and sometimes even doing the high-pitched attention bark. We put him in a sit until he calms down and continue walking. Ignoring the bouts of jumping doesn’t work and sometimes verbal correction or positive punishment (hand on the butt to put him into a sit, or holding his collar until he calms down and sits) occasionally escalate him. I don’t understand what he wants or how to correct this behavior. Do you have any advice?

Ian C

Can I use food rewards on the midday walk / training session or should I only use a toy reward in order to extend the dogs fast between eating ? 

( without food reward, options are limited was to where I can walk as she still requires food reward for overcoming distraction ( eg other dogs )

Also Is it recommended to use a martingale collar for a small breed ? ( 8 kg, high prey drive ) I can not determine if it’s just larger breeds trainers use the tool with?

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