Member Questions 10-22-21

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My GSD has 3h of free access to the garden when I’m at work. I always prevent his barking when I’m at home, but can’t control it during that time. He doesn’t bark a lot and not at everything (there are constant people walking by – he doesn’t bark) but when dogs walk by, the garbage disposal or parcel service. Can this behavior have a very negative effect on the dog and our reactivity training, i.e. that he thinks he can do what he wants? I would like to buy a Barkcollar but it isn’t allowed here

Sam H

16mo suspicious after close call with bobcat. Buoy has been doing good with breaking from her prey drive, but we had a setback. Coming home in the dark we came across a bobcat in the shadows. Before I could see it, Buoy lunged, the cat snarled and possibly made contact with Buoys snout. She has been acting nervous and I can tell when she is on the scent of this cat. She has been jumpy and sensitive to sounds. Should I change our walks for a bit, or continue to let her work though this same walk?

Michael F

Robert, I have a 10 month old dutch shepherd. I am training for Search & Rescue and Shutzhund. I have been working on getting him through his fear of aggression to be dog and people neutral. When I give a firm correction for lunging or fixating on strangers or dogs he will often redirect on me and bite my arm / hand. His pressure does not break skin or cause damage but I need to get him to stop this unacceptable behavior.

Matthew C

Hi Robert. Can you clarify corrections in what I presume is a matter of a pre/post trained behavior?

In Leash Reactive Crazy Puppy, @26m you say corrections should happen at a distance and corrections near you are negative; so much you didn’t want to demo it. However in Manners When Meeting Dogs, @8:07, you correct Duane O near you.

Is this because Duane O is already trained in what you were asking of him and because you have an established relationship with him?

Naomi K

Your advice on my dog reactive 16 mo GSD biting a leash after passing by a dog – put her into a static position – is working well. If she breaks sit, I correct her, and she sits back. My question is that while sitting she is totally fixated on another dog. When I try to get her attention to me, she starts biting the leash again. She only responds to “sit.” I’m happy that she’s not barking or lunging, but is it ok to just let her stare at another dog? Or should I be doing something more?


 After learning from your reply to my 1st question on rescue dog Doberman & Malinois when my current dog JR is shy , not very much out going dog, I decided to get a Malinois puppy. My 2nd question which you kindly replied on Malinois puppy biting, you suggested to get GSD instead. My 3rd question is “Would it be better to get adult Malinois as a guard dog for my current JR? Or just stick with German Shepard? Thank you for all your wonderful videos. I just finished watching all the Malinois.


Hi Rob, struggling with my 8 month belgian malinois, pulls like a bat out of hell when walking him on leash getting difficult to control,getting quite bad now, any help would be appreciated, thanks

Tim P

Can this type of aggression that is seeped out or displacement of (unchecked) prey drive be managed with drive channeling – from defense back to prey drive (use of favorite toy/tug) BEFORE the dog taps deeply into his defense mode and becomes unclear-headed – so that the dog can focus on obedience commands? I saw that you would rather use the slip lead for taking the drive out of that reactive/aggressive Malinois/Dutchie-mix in your video. Your thoughts – channeling defense->prey->obedience?


Hi Robert I am having a hard time breaking my 2 yr GSD from lunging at cars on our daily walk. I walk her with a prong and long line. She gets some freedom on the line with training mixed in. When I see a car approaching I’ll call her to me and put her in a sit. When she fixates on the car I will give her a small tap on the collar and tell her to leave it. Sometimes it works or sometimes she lunges at the car and hits the prong. How can I get her consistent to break this bad habit? Thanks

Paul K

I have a 2 y/o old Malinois who unexpectedly attacks the front door whenever we open them. When he was a puppy, I hired someone to walk him. I suspect something traumatic must have happened – I’m not sure. He also has separation anxiety. So, I believe the aggression towards the front door is fear and anxiety based. I am using systematic desensitization to treat the behavior – like you did with Goofy with his fear of balloons. I have had only marginal success. Please advise.


I have a 5 month old DS. Usually she’s very loving and loves my 2 YO son. He’s always sweet with her in return. Last night I was laying on the couch, the dog above my head. My son came over to love on me and she misinterpreted the situation and nipped him in the nose. We had food aggression issues a few months ago, but worked through them. I want to keep the dog because she’s family, but I need to stop this behavior now. Please advise how to stop this behavior. She’s a good dog.

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