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Charles S

Many Videos reference “This is a Soft Dog” or This is a Hard Dog” What are the exact traits that determine whether a Dog is Hard or Soft?


I have a pitsky 4 years old and her obedience is decent. My girlfriend wants to get a cocker and I know my dog doesnt like stranger dogs typically and I have been working on her reactivity which has greatly improved. My concern is will there ever be a point in time where i can trust my dog around the cocker once its a lil older like a year or so and they are “friends” or should it be more management style and they only play if we are there? Side note if she shows aggression towards the puppy what would you recommend?

Min T

Hi Robert – My wife and I adopted a black lab mix and he is overall a very well behaved boy except when my wife is cooking, prepping his food in the kitchen, and when we eat dinner. We’ve installed a puppy gate for the kitchen so that he accidently doesn’t hurt himself. Since then he started barking non-stop whenever there is something going on that is food related in the kitchen and whenever we eat dinner. We normally give him his food before we eat then we put him in his crate while we eat our dinner. We give him treats in a Kong to keep him busy but is there a better way? Thanks!

Nadia L

Hi Robert, 

We have four cats and my 15 week old Mal/ German shepherd puppy wants to chase them when she see’s them. I live on a farm so we go for walks on the trails and I can’t get her to focus when one of the cats shows up. They can sniff noses fine and she is not aggressive toward them, she only wants to chase when they run. She is much better with the one cat who holds his ground. What should I do?


I will be feeding my pup raw and want to feed his meals during training. What recommendations do you have on what training pouch to use. I was thinking of using something like a cake icing tube but maybe there is something easier besides my hands to use. I have no problem handling raw food.


We have an 18 month female Malinois & have been working with a trainer since she was 4 months old — she has a high prey drive & we have been working hard to focus it back to paying attention to us/playing with us. She struggles/reacts the most with moving things (bikers & runners). However in some environments she does much better than others! For example, is much better at a park than a backroad. Or is great downtown but not near our house. Do you have suggestions on how to help her regain focus back to us in these environments? Thanks!!

Christopher D

What are the best ways to keep my puppy mal from chasing cars on our walks? He’s not scared, he jumps towards them.

Raleigh B

I’ve always kind of wondered whats the best way to react to accidentally stepping on or kicking your dog/puppy ? My instinct has always been to hug them and say sorry… but the more of your knowledge I absorb the more I think that could be a stupid way to react.


Hi, Robert. My Malinois is almost 2 this year. I still remember the first few months I got him. It was a hell. You really helped me a lot. Now he is the nicest and sweetest dog ever and we live a very happy life(Even he’s not the most trained lol). I’m a full time undergraduate student, so I spend 5-6 hours at least everyday at school. Sometimes I feel bad for my dog to spend time alone. So I wonder if I should get another dog? So he can have a friend. If so, would you suggest me to get a cane corso, Doberman or GSD? Thank you’


I have a gentleman with 5 month Cane Corso Pup who has been taking my classes. They are doing amazing. However, he stumped me with a question. On a walk, his pup walks really well with him, lots of confidence; but when his wife takes pup for a walk, puppy tries to hide behind her and appears fearful. Even if they walk together, husband holds leash pup is fine; wife holds the leash dog hides behind her. Looking for any thoughts or suggestions. Thank you for all you do! (Hope its ok to ask for help for myself to help a client.)

Maddie K

My dog is a breeding male, we’ve exported service dogs and so on, him and his “gf” have unbelievable temperament. Now, he’s so excited to breed and see other dogs and it’s to a point it’s basically out of character. I understand the meaning behind it but he immediately goes right to an un comprehensive type of excited despite being near other dogs his whole puppyhood etc. I am able typically to calm him with any other stuff. Do you have any insight or advice on getting him down to a trainable zone. So I can work with him on it?


Hi Robert,

My wife and I are going to get a new male GSD puppy early next year. We currently have a 7-8 year old female rescue GSD. 

The breeder said we should try to keep the puppy and our current dog separated (unless under direct supervision) for about a year. The reasoning was the puppy will bond more to our current dog than us humans if they spend too much time together. I have heard other people say this, but do you agree? I’ve heard you talk about slow introductions and not leaving them alone together until it’s safe, but is keeping them separate an entire year really necessary?

Lori G

Do you recommend conditioning the no marker during puppy crate training when you are trying to teach them to wait until you release them? I’m wondering when it comes to using the No marker during the obedience session they would be somewhat familiar with the meaning?


Hi Robert! Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to help trainers around the world! I have a client with a 7 year old boxer mix who is extremely fear aggressive towards people. If they are on a walk and somebody comes within 20 feet of them, he will lunge and bark incessantly. I have worked with fear aggressive dogs before, but none of them have been this bad. What kinds of corrections should I use, and when? We will have access to prongs, ecollar and slip leads. I don’t want to use too many tools at once because I know it can overwhelm the dog and make it worse.


I have a Boxer/Cane Torso mix that I had fully leash trained over the summer and fall. After we received a big dump of snow recently, it’s like his training went out the door. He’s frantic on walks, looking everywhere around him and weaving back and forth on the leash. When I let him explore in an open field, he suddenly started jumping all over me and mouthing me. Then, he grabbed his leash, shook it and wouldn’t let go. He has never done this before. What gives?

Kevin L

Hi Robert- I have a 20 mos old intact M Malinois; we do IGP club 2X week & he gets 1 hr/training every day in addition to 2-3 hrs of hiking/swimming/tug, ball etc I’m retired so he spends 12-16hrs/day with me. He gets 2 crate sessions 3hrs each 2xday, AM/PM. He’s always had a bit of an edge with strangers despite being socialized & having a structured routine. He comes from a good breeder. He growled & nipped my husband last pm when he kissed me good night. I immediately grabbed his scruff, firmly told him know, & he flippped his belly to me & submitted & went in crate. How do I stop this? TY!


Hi Robert, I haven’t done structured, daily training w/my 3.5 y/old Amstaff since he was probably 2 but I want get back into it. He has good foundational skills but under distractions they lessen so I want to improve that. I’m starting back to the basics and using treats to reward behaviors outside w/distractions. We normally train throughout our walk so he gets to sniff and enjoy then I call him back or put him in a heel etc. How long do you think I will need to treat him? I feel like I’ve gone backwards to puppy days treating him all the time but w/distractions he doesn’t listen consistently.

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