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Jordon T

Hi Robert, In one of your videos you mentioned that you want the puppy to think everything near you is good and everything out there is bad. You asked the lady if she was going to hunt with her dog because we want them to still feel confident out there and not check back. 

I have a GSD for IPO, he’s 8 weeks. How do I build engagement while also keeping him confident when he goes out? 

Karen D

Too fractious for initial medical exam, several people holding. EXCITED jumps up, grabs my hands and forearms IN his mouth when I enter or exit kennel(kevlar sleeves). On prong collar will “Wait” to exit kennel,walks with me. In 2+ weeks, 3 afternoons each, has “learned” Sit, Down, Wait. So connected! Will now crate, “up” onto vet’s scale table.Insecure-leans on me. Puppy-acting. MOUTHINESS THE ISSUE! Used pet corrector, water bottle then low calm praise. Gagging/fist in mouth finally. Ex K-9 officer thinks bad bite training? High e-collar stim success chance vs his total devastation?

Wesley R

4 mo old mal has taken to eating old grass patties that have clumped together. She is very consistent with outing the things I ask her to but yesterday when I outed her when she got a hold of one she refused. I went to her & started to take the object out of her mouth & she got angry at acted as though she was going to bite me. I immediately scruffed her and after a few seconds she calmed down and looked up at me and tried licking me in an apologetic manner. We moved on afterward. I hated every minute of that interaction & been trying not to issue corrections. I’d like to ask for feedback.

Alvin F

I have acquired a very high bred pup am from a friend that had to let him go. I took him to help him out and thought it would be pretty easy get him the hands of someone that can use him but it hasn’t been for whatever reason, a lot of people want him but they want him for free and they are all breeders but I’m not interested in sending him out to be used solely for breeding. He is very intelligent and learns quickly. Can you help me find him a home that will use him and if they decide they want to breed him that’s fine but I see great things in this pup and don’t want to see him whored out?


Hi I recently posted on the community page looking for advice from others, I have a 1yr old Presa who is lunging and going after everything outside the house, he is now 2/3 of my weight and is getting harder to control, he is on a figure of 8 lead right now, prong is on its way. I use a short lead right now as it stops him building momentum, I realize this isn’t the best option as it makes him more tense but he doesn’t respond to any commands once he’s been triggered, in the house he’s great but I’m worried with a prong the weight of him could do damage, even with conditioning if he sees a dog.

Mai m

My 1 y/o female Belgian Malinois has just recently grown a fear/aggression toward shadows in the house.. She’ll stare at the walls to look for any then lunges at them and barks like crazy. Shes getting more anxious about it by the day, physically/mentally will not turn off anymore and I can’t move from one room without her jumping up to follow me. I understand I’m her person and love that- but I know this is not healthy or the behavior of a confident dog. I’m very active with her and work with her daily but I can see this anxiety growing more even outside. Any advice on where to begin?


I took my Malinois puppy to a trainer for a few obedience lessons in San Diego and it started off well but then the trainer kept insisting I hit my dog and became very aggressive with the slip collar at only 14 weeks old in my most recent lesson and I immediately decided to stop taking lessons there. That single lesson clearly traumatized my dog, as he is more aggressive now, and I am working hard to regain his trust again. Are there any trainers in the San Diego area that you trust that you could recommend? Do you still offer private lessons in LA/Malibu if I’m willing to drive up? Thank you!

Theresa S

My 8 year old rescue GSD has very little toy drive. I recently made a flirt pole from an old feather duster. And to my surprise she started to chase it. All the info on playing tug that I’ve found the dog already has the drive. I saw the Ziggy tug video. It was great. If I can get her to chase something so soft and fluffy, how do I transition to something firmer like a tug? Put a tug on the pole? Put the feather duster in my hands? Thank you!


We have a 15.5m old M Great Dane intact who developed dog reactivity from 6m that got worse with age. We started working with a balanced trainer trains like you 2.5m ago, stopped his public outings & worked on solidifying his obedience in the home. I train with all his meals & attend reactive dog class 1x week. We have started taking him out again to re-expose him to public areas he is very distracted and struggles to focus and is still reactive. Will this improve as he matures/desexed with what we are doing? Do you have any advice on what else we should be doing? Want him to be a well behaved dog

Amber C.

Hello! I have a 7 mo. old Dutch shepherd mix (I think mixed with Malinois) named Kano. He has some resource guarding issues, but it’s exceptionally bad when he’s in his kennel. He starts pawing and scratching at the kennel door and barking incessantly when another dog just gets close! This is only an issue with other dogs, not with people. There doesn’t need to be treats or toys in his kennel for this behavior to occur. How do I correct this properly?


Please explain how a Malinois who I can honestly say is the sweetest and biggest baby ibe owned smart and compliant but insanely agro to every human other than myself..he improves daily.trained horses for years. I got the ones given up on by excellent trainers and rehabbed most. I am learning about my pups breed daily.I had a k9 MH insist that I introduce Leo with no muzzle and not interfere. Leo was on leash. got guys pants and came under control when I used common sense. However his bite was precise to tear the guys pants and bring him directly down but didn’t break the skin. WTF DO I DO


I have just gotten a 10wk mal. She is wild in the crate. Chewing at the bars, screaming. She has already broken her top canine teeth. That was the first night we got her home. I watched your video on crate training. And did that 3xs a day. During training she is happy and willing. Until I shut the door and leave her for a time. Since the training she isn’t quite as violent. At night when I hear her getting wild I tell her it’s bedtime. I don’t go there though. But How do I correct this?. I can’t have her hurting herself, and I don’t want this behavior to be imprinted. 

I am a stay at home mom.


Following up on the cage biting issue (11mo old Mal): Do you know the models of the cages you mentioned that prevent biting? The RuffLand cage I mentioned seems to be popular among trainers and is a strong composite, but he is still gouging the walls. My concern with any metal cage is that he will scrape and damage his teeth. And Janet was correct that there is no option for a backyard currently and he’s too destructive to leave uncaged and alone. Exercise is not an issue either because he’s done the cage biting right after 30 min of very hard running workouts.
Here’s the link the the crate I would try:

Shane L

My 13 week old malinois goes outside to his 10×10 kennel eats then cry’s all day to get out. Won’t stop until I let him out to go inside or play outside. What can I do to stop this so I can go to work.

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