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Nadia L

How can I train my 17 week old puppy not to pull on the leash on walks?

Carlos & Ana

Our 5.5 month Belgian Malinois, Raven, is doing good on walks for the most part. We occasionally lose her focus to lizards or other dogs. Our question is; should we be correcting her behaviors the whole time we are out on our daily walks? They tend to be about 45-60 minutes and about 2 miles long. A walk down to the park. Then we put a long line on her and play with a frisbee. Then a couple minutes of training/shaping. Followed by a few more tosses and tugs. Then we walk home. Are our 180 degree changes in direction on the way home, if she starts to focus on the bushes for lizards too much?


Hi Robert! Me and some of my fellow trainers hold a free pack walk on saturdays where owners can come learn how to use a slip leash to stop leash pulling.  (The dogs never meet or play, just walk in a line) There have been quite a few dogs that have never been on a leash around the neck, only harnesses, and they pull constantly. When putting a slip lead on them, they flail and act like they are dying.  Should we let the dog figure it out for a minute, or should we give leash pops at that time? Thank you for all your hard work!


Hi Robert, thanks a lot for the app I love it. I have a crate training question, I’m having difficulty with crate training my 8 weeks malinois puppy and was hoping you could advise. I feed her inside the crate, drop in treats when she enters, and praise her like you show in the videos. However, she constantly checks to see if the door is open, and as soon as I close it, she starts screaming and tries to escape. But if I place her in another room and cover the crate, she quickly calms down. Is this normal, or am I doing something wrong?

Joe D

Wondering your thoughts on what would be an appropriate amount of training and play each day for a 16 mos. old GSD. How much time should I devote to each? Her parents are both titled IGP/IPO. I’m starting to wonder if she can ever be happy without a full time job. I keep training sessions to two 15 minutes, one in the back yard or at the park. The other focused heeling in the neighborhood. She gets two 1/2 hour walks per day. And two frisbee sessions of very vigorous play, 30 minutes each. And I work obedience throughout the day during our daily routines with sits, lays, etc.

Sanmarie M

Positive only trainers are everywhere and lots (if not all?) learning happens during puppy classes they offer – can I attend puppy socialization/obedience classes at positive only dog training schools if I follow along with your courses as member? Or do I need to seek out balanced trainers for socialization classes? I’m not seeking out positive only training, it’s just that they are more accessible to stimulate real world interaction and socialization, but I don’t want my online and real world teachings to clash and lead to an inconsistent foundation for my puppy.


Hi! I have a 6 mo old Mali I brought home at 3.5 m/o. He has been potty trained since the 1st month and has showed me he understands how to let me know. Now that he’s older, I know he can hold it until morning to be let out and he gets regular potty breaks during the day. Problem is twice in the last week he has peed on the floor right in front of me w/o showing me he needs to go out. I’ve corrected in the moment, but don’t understand why all the sudden he is regressing. It is very discouraging to see him behave this way after being so wonderful the last 2 months. Help!

Constantine Z

Hi I just watched the light switch game and the first thing to teach your dog videos. My puppy will not follow the food like the dog in the video. Previous to starting with your training program we taught her to sit and it seems like she hacked us. She just sits and wits for the treat and will not come forward to grab it and follow it around. She looks at you like what do you want and she looks frustrated. Tried her on a table she will sit, but will not follow the food down or to stand just sit. I am sure it is something I am doing. Thanks!


We got a Malinois, Pyrenees, Doberman, Anatolian mix puppy at 4 weeks old. He is responding very well to the training so far with one crucial exception. He bullies my 8 year old son. The dog will get nippy with him and we’ve had several instances where the dog got super aggressive, biting him and growling. Will we be able to train this out of him? He really only does it w/ my son who’s the youngest. We are happy to have our son start working with us to establish a better relationship – I’d just like to know that w/ proper training we will be able to trust my son to be alone with the dog.

Nadia L

My 18 week old puppy has been sleeping in her crate on our covered deck where she can see through the glass door to our living room. My dad doesn’t really like indoor dogs, so she has mainly been an outdoor dog. Recently we decided to put her crate inside. The only spot we had room for it was fairly near the woodstove in our living room. We live near Prince George, and the nights are starting to get colder, I was worried about her being cold and lonely on the deck. But inside she seemed to be getting too warm. Our house is normally 23 Celsius. Will she get used to the heat? What should I do?


Hey Robert, I’d like your opinion. My 13 month old doberman is friends with a GSD close to her age she met months ago. His owners and I have let them have playdates and they seem to absolutely adore each other, but he was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia and must take it easy. My doberman is a rough player and I want to know if you think they should stop meeting altogether or how they could be trained to remain calm in each others’ presence. I’m her main source of engagement, but I feel it’s nice for her to have dog friends (she only has 2). I don’t want to exacerbate his condition. Thanks!


I have a treats in my hand, and she already know the command. but when i said sit, she look at me and did nothing. what should i do ? when she ignore my command


First off thank you for answering questions. I sincerely appreciate this! My Pit husky mix has a high pray drive and likes to chase squirrels or any small prey that moves. With that in mind she doesn’t chase a ball nor play tug so I was thinking about how I should go about building that in here because she has the drive for it just doesn’t understand that the toy will give a similar reward?


Dear Mr. Cabral, 

I’ve had my 7 mo. F GSD(Whiskey) since she was 8 wks old. I have taken her to stores, in the truck, etc. She is getting more, not less reactive. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. She currently has a flat collar and I use a slip lead. She is worse in the truck. She barks when people walk by the truck or she sees other dogs. I pop the lead and say “Lass es” firmly but it is not getting her attention anymore. Whenever she IS calm I tell her she is good and give her treats. Due to truck being broke down I have not been able to do this for 2 mo. till now.

Lisa C

We have a 9-mo 70% pit/20% gsd/10% ? who in the last 3 weeks has started resisting having her leash put on to go for a walk. When I take it out she comes over but when I go to put it on she backs up. I’ve tried to wait her out, sometimes she relents and sometimes she doesn’t. I can put it on her if I hold her but not sure if I should do that. She’s calm, just resistant, even when I use an excited voice, offer treats, etc. She seems to enjoy our walks so not sure what is going on. Definitely don’t want to harm our relationship. Advice much appreciated.

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