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Hi. Long story but I recently acquired a very fearful dog, she is 11 months old now. Ive had her going on 5 months. One difficulty is that she is often scared when people ( myself ) are carrying things, moving objects in the home.

I often don’t have others to help with training and was wondering if you might be able to provide an idea of how to set up confidence building exercises I could do in the home by myself. She may or may not take food due to nervousness but is very responsive to verbal praise and affection. Thank you this has been very difficult situation.


Hi, 3y GSD Ash. We are introducing e-collar, slowly, taking time. He responds very well. Recently I watched Larry Krohn recommend getting ECT Ultra Wing Comfort Pad to get the best and consistent contact. What is your opinion? If used, should the collar be as snug as without? I am worried about wings digging into the skin if the collar is snug, making it uncomfortable or painful. Also, will it be safe for him to wear it when playing off-leash with other dogs – again, in terms of wings digging into the skin? I want the e-collar to have good contact, but also to be comfortable for him.


How do you recommend helping a reactive dog who has a really loud bark? I am scared he will scare other because he is about 95lbs. I also live way away from lots of people. Any tips !?


I took a dog in this week whose previous owners couldn’t care for anymore. She was in 2 foster homes and then crated in a garage for 2 mos. She’s a spayed mal or mal mix and will be 4 in Feb. She is well behaved inside & has learned new commands in 4 days. I’m just trying to teach her good manners, stay, waiting at front door, etc. My problem is I have a cat. I have a gate up to prevent any problems. I have a Labrador and when I take them out back to play the Mal chases him and nipped at him. He yelped twice and I ended the play session. I walk them together 6 to 7 I’m a day, no problem. Help


Hello Mr Cabral, Our 3 years old male Aussie is easy and fun to train however we’ve had more challenges with his reactivity to other dogs (very similar to how Sonny the black Lab reacts in your videos). We’ve made a lot of good progress with regular training sessions. Where it used to lunge at other dogs, it now sits still at our heels but can’t stop barking/whining loudly until we or the other dog move away. Is there a way to mitigate this? Can you point to one of your videos addressing this, if any? Thanks in advance and keep up the good work! Michel


Hi! I have two dogs. A 3 y/o pomsky and a 2 y/o golden/shar pei mix. The old apartment complex my family used to live in had a dog park that we would take them to so they could play, but we moved to another apartment complex that doesn’t have a dog park. The complex does have a grassy area where we let them chase each other (they’re leashed and we’re careful not to let the leashes tangle). In a previous video, you mentioned that it’s not a good idea to let dogs chase animals like birds or squirrels. Is it bad for them to chase each other playfully while they’re on long leashes?


Dear Mr. Cabral

I work in law enforcement and next week I will be bringing home a 4 month old German Shepard puppy. I have a 13 yr old puggle at home who is aggressive towards other dogs and strangers. I’m afraid that introducing a puppy to this environment will make the pup overly protective and aggressive which is something I don’t want as I plan on bringing the dog with me to work frequently. What would be the most important things I should do at home to integrate the new pup to make him a well socialized friendly dog.

Laurie E

adopted a 5 year old female GSD, 3 weeks ago. She was extremely fearful, and is sensitive.

Just starting to get comfortable, and is starting to engage with me a little. Still doesn’t really play.

Started working on basic obedience.

She’s reacting with people, and dogs, walking past my house.

I’m struggling with stopping this behavior.

I put the slip lead on, and pop leash but she continues until they’re gone.

Try to be prepared before she’s over threshold, only slightly better.

Watched Karl the Rott – the REAL Beginning. You said don’t correct dog while near you.

Not sure what to do.

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