Member Questions 12-10-21

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Hey again, wanted to put this in the previous question form but not enough space. “And finally the third question, when playing tug, she almost “dances” when trying to take the tug, shaking it as well as jumping backwards with it. My other dog just stands his ground and applies force backwards to tear it, without those “moves”. I would say my other dog(one without “moves) has more prey drive for tug but he doesn’t even shake his head”. His pulling is really strong though. Any insides?

Didi Y

Hi Robert, I am a 1st time GSD owner, your classes are very helpful, Thank you! I got Lyla when she was 8 weeks old, she loves her crate, potty train is easy, & is good at “wait” and “leave it”.  Do i have to use prong collar? she does sniff around and pull on leash when on walk,  will gentle leash work? Lyla is off leash in my backyard, she runs towards fence & barks when my neighbor’s dogs are out. she barks at dogs in the park -asks to play chasing -she is not aggressive. any suggestions?thanks

Kim B

Robert – My 4 year old male Samoyed barks aggressively at any dog he sees while he is riding in the car.  I have tried verbal corrections as well as treating him when he does not react which has been extremely rare. He is leash reactive with other dogs while on walks as well.  I am a new member and have begun implementing your method.  So far we have made good progress with undistracted obedience but it is early days. Thank you for your help.

Jake o

Hi Robert,  Where do you see the future of police dogs in North America with all these over sensitive and positive only people. I just want to know what you think since you are involved in the dog world. I am planning on becoming a police officer and I’d like to eventually work with the canines because I am passionate about training dogs and particularly working dogs. 

Thank you and Merry Christmas


Robert I just wanted to say thanks for giving me the courage to get a working line GSD. Several months back I asked if you thought I could be a suitable fit and you said I likely would and encouraged a certain amount of training. I got a dog who is out of Frank Philip’s Asko and she has been the best dog ever for me. A joy to train and I think her training is really coming along even at 8 months. I can’t wait to see how she turns out on the trial field. 


Which correction collar would you choose for a very small dog or for a dog with protruding eyes? Bonus question – With which exercise or how can I build my dogs confidence?


Thank you both. Robert I was doing what you suggested, almost to the letter several days before you aired my question. A very slow reintroduction, practically hovering over my 4 yr and 3 1/2 mo. old Gs’s whenever they are together. I have also hired a professional instructor for aggressive behavior, 8 private lessons. Nadya my female is highly trained similar to Maya, Mischa the pup has nailed all the basics. Ive been watching the Siggy series like a hawk. Your training has changed my training.


Hi Robert, I have followed your lesson for the “Look” command (the light switch game) and it’s working great. Can you provide some advice on how to shift the look from me to a target? Say a ball/food etc? Thanks!


Hi Sensei Robert, I having trouble with having my 2 yr old GSP holding steady on shot. I’ve been using your methods her entire life and she’s doing awesome. She has her junior hunt test cert and I’m trying to get her ready for seniors. She will hold steady on a long line, but as soon as I try without the line She breaks her hold and chases the bird.

How can I progress her?

Thank you so much for your help.


7mo GSD, not neutered, got him when he was 10wks. Socialize 2 days/wk at local park w/ people, dogs, children, he also meets neighborhood dogs on daily walks, no bad experiences. I’ve done basic obedience training w/ ecollar, and he gets daily exercise. Last month, he suddenly became very reactive on walks towards other neighborhood dogs, hackles raised, unresponsive to commands, and I can’t tell if it’s fear or aggression. Outside the neighborhood at parks, he’s fine with other dogs. Insight?


What is the best way to get my 1.5 year old Malinois to stop barking every time he hears someone outside our door. I’m ok with him alerting me to someone banging on our door, but he’s extra sensitive. If he hears someone open a door in neighboring apartments, walk up the stairs outside, etc. he goes nuts. If I get stern with him he’ll walk away from the door but if he hears another sound no matter how small he’s right back at it. Our e-collar is not strong enough to dissuade him most of the time. 


Hey Robert, I have a 16 month English Cocker. When I brought him to puppy obedience, the trainer put a prong collar on him to stop him from running around on a flat collar, as we were working on heeling, recall, etc. I bring him into pet stores and shops. When he wears the prong collar, he’s calmer and does not jump up on people but with a slip lead he becomes way more excitable. How or when will he learn to adjust his behavior when I take the prong collar off. Thanks so much!!

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