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Hi Robert! Thanks for being so available to take questions. You’ve made a massive difference in our life with our new puppy. We have 1 year old Female GSD that we’ve had for two months now. Sometimes, her obedience is dependent on having a leash. i.e. She’ll wait at the door w/out lunging if we tell her to and she has a leash. Without the leash, though, she knows she has more freedom to disobey. Do we need to repeat and repeat with the leash on so eventually she’ll not even think twice about obeying with or without a leash?

Lee Ann

I have a 10 1/2 lb Shih Tzu who has his CGC and is going for his CD in July. Over the past 8 months, he’s been attacked by a Jack Russell Terrier once and by the same dog with another dog as a second attack. In both instances, we were right near our house. I sustained scratches that bruised from the second attack. Eli was ok thank God. I was told nothing could be done because the dog(s) were on lead. They were not under control. I am now carrying gel spray.

I could really use your input as to how I might handle this.



in Österreich they have now decided, that every IGP-dog has to pass a character-test before it can start Schutzund-Training. DSH already have to go to a “Wesensbeurteilung” were fear of noise, slippery ground and unstable ground isn’t tested. IGP-dogs also have to pass BH before they can go further. So obedience is also already tested. 

What else do you think are good things that should be integrated to this test? Do you think IGP-people should try to be part in the developing of this test?

Jane J

My 8 month old Pet line German Shepherd seems to have quite low drive which makes life difficult when training him. He isn’t that food motivated and is not toy or ball motivated at all. I’ve tried high value treats which help a little but don’t increase his drive sufficiently. It’s really difficult to get him to look at me because of this problem as he seems to have little incentive. Do you have any advice on how I can make him more motivated to respond to training?

Matt M

hi robert question is about an over excited or really over sketchy belgian malinois it’s a bit much of probably explain in a message but she never truly switches off you know even when i’m keeping them within healthy stress she is you know she’s out she’s actually vibrating constituent she’ll fight it she’ll listen but she’s truly not in and i can’t really get to switch off the only place that’s happening is in the crate at home but as soon as you’re crap or she’s gone


So I’m taking her outside as much as possible and she doing great even to the point where she lets me know if she has to go number 2 but even after peeing outside she comes back in and tries marking certain areas. I’m just wondering how can I correct that behavior?

Jamie L

My 2 year old spayed German Shepard has become increasingly aggressive with the other dogs in my home. She grew up with two of them and has started snapping at and at times attacking them. She is worse with my sister’s dog. We have four total in the house. We didn’t have any issues when I first moved in with her. Is there any way to stop her being aggressive toward the other dogs besides keeping them separate as we are doing now. I have her fairly well trained and she listens most times when I try to distract her from the others.

Constance S

This question is concerning friends that have two dogs ,several years, added a baby/human and now are dealing with the older dog is aggressive toward the now toddler, the younger dog and even them …is your site and membership something they can use ..they have talked with several trainers in our area of NC and gotten advise like “put your dog in our program” for a month, $4000k and that seems not doable for this couple and not helpful. I want to refer them to you but wanted your opinion. My feeling is that this young couple has simply let the dogs rule their house and now problem.


The loose leash walking is great but I have one major question. 

My dog (1 year old) has a tendency to drift ahead of me repeatedly and I’m unclear on how much of this is okay. 

If he really goes ahead, I turn around and this feels like it works momentarily. 

When he drifts just somewhat ahead of me and he’s still paying attention to me, I figure this is okay, despite cons like not being able to turn left and generally feeling less in control.

This is opposed to when he’s directly on my left, next to me, which feels great.

How much of this drifting ahead should be corrected while walking?


I do a follow-up training session with recently adopted dogs from our county shelter. A common situation that happens is when a dog is not comfortable with an individual in the new household, reacts to that person by avoidance and barking then settles. The individual may go into the bathroom then return or come into the kitchen the next morning and receives the same aroused barking etc. The dog is obviously still not comfortable with that person, but their scent is there the whole time. Is the visual trigger and just physical proximity so alarming, that the cycle repeats?

Colin W

My 6 month old female working line GSD is slightly dog reactive. But when she lunges towards dogs or people she pulls really hard, and can’t be pulled back to focus by food. I’m thinking of trying the prong collar, but I’m a bit concerned that when she goes off she’ll pull so hard she’ll harm herself and become aversive to the prong as a training tool. Is the prong collar the right tool at this point?


Hi Robert. I hope y’all are getting through the weather safely.

I was curious as to your opinion of CBD for the dogs. Is it worth the hype?


My 3 year old male GSD hates getting his nails getting trimmed, he growls and mouths my hands when I touch his paws. I take him to the groomers to get them done but I want his nails trimmed more often. I feel he is feeding off my nervousness, I don’t want to get bit. Should I go slow? Use treats each day until he gets more comfortable with the sight of trimmers or put a leash on him and a mussel on him and just do it regardless of him growling. He’s sweet, not aggressive at all he just hates his paws being touched. Thank you


Hi Robert, I’m trying to start running with my 4 year old AmStaff. We’ve gone the past four mornings for about 10-20 mins after he has time to sniff, pee/poop. Today he bit the leash (he’s done it before and I correct w/a no and leash pop and then he’s typically fine) but today he sat as well when I tried to work through it so I brought him home and went alone. Am I asking for too much going daily? Any insight on this behavior or ideas on how to work through it would be greatly appreciated!

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