Member Questions 2-11-22

Carol P

Hello Robert and Janet,

In God’s providence, our 20 year old suffered a TBI when jumping her horse. In God’s kindness she lived (was wearing a helmet) and is expected to, eventually, make a full recovery.Doing great crate training, recall. What else at a minimum? Any advice greatly appreciated. TY!


What should I do about a dog who practices avoidance when corrected in high stimulus environments? For example if we’re taking a walk and she lunges at a car, she gets a prong correction and then she’s back at my side no issues. But if we see a car a second time she will still have tunnel vision towards the car, barking, whining and shutting me out but this time hiding behind me in avoidance. The car is just an example, this happens with animals too, even at a distance. How should I proceed?


My dutchie is very tethered to me but when friends come over, she is so excited to greet them and be with them that she may ignore me in their presence, just showering them with dutchie excitement. I have been taking control by having her sit in her crate when they’re over, but what do you think about leashing her instead and guiding her to me instead for rewards? I want to maybe teach her that she can greet and come to me versus guests equals crate time. What would you suggest?


Today I had the first failed recall with the e-collar. I did like you suggested and used a long line as a backup when recalling from wildlife. That method worked. But today I had the line dragging and couldn’t grab it and she went after a rabbit. Turned the collar high and she yelped but continued to chase. Tried a second time. Nothing. I then had to search for her in the woods. I’m feeling very sad because I now doubt that I can ever achieve a reliable recall. What are your thoughts? Thank you.


Hi Robert. Thank you for your encouragement on training my current dog Jack Russell. My question on getting ready for Malinois puppy is « my current dog Daisy obeys my commands like – come, sit, crate, down etc but if I don’t have treats, she simply ignores me. Should I be concerned? Or do I train her better to obey at all times? I worry this will be a problem when Malinoise arrives. What is the difference between the Crate, Place bed, Kennels? What is the main purpose of each of them? How do I use them? Thank you from France. Grace


With your consistent training methods my 8mth male GSD has not only behaved in the manner that you have suggested, he has stopped nipping etc. earlier than expected. His only problem I have found is eating. He doesn’t and never has had a great appetite and lately sometimes only will eat 2 cups of food a day. He will let other dogs eat his food, when they come over and even steal the bone right out of his mouth. Is this a bad thing?


Hi, my Ripley is 11 months old I feel I’ve been doing good with training so far but am struggling with the jumping up on people when they come in. She is a big girl and I’m finding it hard to hold her back and end up getting frustrated and pull her back with collar ( sorry) I have a disability and am getting weaker over time. I honestly don’t know how to stop this. My parents are seniors and they want to pet her but she gets excited and starts jumping. Hope this makes sense. Thank you in advance.


Like I mentioned earlier, I’m retraining my dog to go into a down WITHOUT sitting first, and I’m using a pvc box like you said. But sometimes I put her into a down somewhere else, like during feeding time, and often a few moments later she decides to sit. I always verbally correct her because I don’t like her switching positions without me letting. But when I say no, she goes back into a down from her sitting position. How can I correct her yet still retrain her down correctly?


Will taking my 9 month male mali with me to work, crating him and giving him structured obedience outside the yard, help with his aggression in the yard. He has 360 access when home and dislikes people or cars going passed, and especially reactive when people approach the front gate. Also, should I keep leash or e-collar on at home to help fix this behavior. He calms down once people are inside, but that welcome makes me uneasy.


Hey Robert- Been working w/ my 17th month English Cocker on an Obedience heel in a new class. He does pretty well, but he keeps his nose down when on grass or pavement a lot to smell things instead of focusing on me. What type of correction do I need to make when he drops his head to smell while I’m trying to train a Focus heel? Thanks so much!!

Didi Y

Hi Robert and Janet, 6 month old female GSD, my 18 year old son and I both feed, play, walk & train her, but I spend much more time doing these with her. When she is with me, she is calm & obedient (still in training re pulling leash, reactive on dogs during walk). She is more excited and playful with my son, she is mouthy with him, jumping on him….. last night, she was “hugging” him. Is she showing dominant over him? or, this is just her showing affection? Is she more his dog? Thanks!


Hello, my dutchie is nearly a year old and I have had to take her to the vet a lot recently because of an injury. She is skeptical, regardless of how many positive reinforcers/treats she gets. We will typically come 20 minutes early and work on basic obedience and once we’re in the exam room I let her sniff everything for a minute and put her in a sit. Once the vet starts checking her vitals she immediately gets tunnel vision and growls. For everyone’s safety, do you have tips on helping her?

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