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We keep 2-3 training sessions during the day and give treats as rewards. What about all the time during the day, I mean the non training hours? there will be so many tasks like a doorbell rings, quests come over, etc and we expect to give our dog instructions and obey us. Do we give treats for that too? If yes then is it healthy for the dog to eat all day long? The dog can put on weight or have digestion issues if he keeps munching the entire day, even if they are really tiny treats. Please advise Robert.


How do I stop my four month old Australian Labradoodle from peeing every time she greets us? This occurs with family members that have only left the room for 30 minutes or so as well as guests.

Tommy A

Halo Cabralians, 

I have a Alaskan husky named Dag. 

Dag and me is doing a search exercise in the Norwegian workingdog association. 

The dog will on command go out and locate a hidden human in the forest. 

The dog will pick up a piece of garden hose wrapped i with Soft material, from the human And bring this glorified stick back to me. 

This is how i indicates to me he has located someone. the problem is that he is not holding on very hard to his stick, often losses it, hi will pick it up again an he always brings it to me. 

But I would like a stronger bite/hold so he doesn’t drop the stick

Lina T

Hi R&J!Harpo,the vomit aggressive 6 y.o.GSD: As a puppy, I hand fed her;if I gave her a bone to chew on,I gave it to her in small increments,on my terms;allows me take bones/whatever I give her when I tell her, “times up”.The first incident,I didn’t know what happened.She lunged at me before I even realized she barfed. About 2 months after, my friend and I were chilling with her when she started gagging;before I could tell my friend to leave her be,I felt Harpo go into red eyed mode when my friend started talking to her. I got between them just as she snarled/bit me.Plz advice.


Robert, I am new to your site and really enjoy the lessons. About six months ago I adopted a shelter heartworm Treeing Walker Coonhound about 5+ yrs. Trying to retrain him to be a personal pet who no longer works to chase coons or whatever prey he was trained to chase. I am having a really hard time with the basic DOWN training. He naturally goes into the perfect DOWN as you show in your videos but when I start the training to do a DOWN on Command all he wants is the treat. His head goes down but his rear is still up. When training is over he does a perfect DOWN. Suggestions please.

Chris J

I have a 5 month old male GSD. His crate is in the living room and his food is in the container in our kitchen where I fill his bowl each time he eats. We feed our pup in his crate each meal. But the MOMENT he hears the lid come off to his food container, he goes NUTS. I’m aware its cuz he knows its time to eat and is excited, but do you have any suggestions on getting him to wait for his food quietly and then being rewarded? He looks to me each time i put his food down & does not start eating until my say so, just not sure on the smartest way to get him to wait quietly while I fill the bowl.

Denis N

Hi Robert, I followed your video on how to train your dog, the “focus heel”. I am now on the stage where my dog looks at me while we are both in place as I move my hand with the treat away from my dog’s face. I then reward my dog for looking at me instead of the treat. My question is, when should I switch to using a ball for focus heeling? Because I tried to use an ordinary tennis ball without a string and place it under my armpit but it seems my dog is not interested enough to look up at it, all the time while we are practicing the “focus heel” walk. Thank you in advance!


My mal (6 yrs., rescue) seems to have no sense of environmental awareness. Examples: we throw a ball, he outruns it, can’t stop, and slams headfirst into a wall, we go to an open space and he comes back with a scraped nose, lip, and eye. He jumps out of the car and somehow gets a bad cut on his hock. Most recently, he seems to have sprained his wrist somehow. These things NEVER happen to my GSD and they go almost everywhere together. Does he really have so little instinct? Is there anything I can do to help with this?

Ellen F

Once my four month old puppy knows that I have treats she just keeps jumping up and lunging for the treats. How do I develop a softer mouth? I use small cheese pieces and try to get her to gnaw on them, not grab them, but she’s gets so excited. even when I try to train her after she has eaten. As you know labs are very food oriented.

Dean S

Hi Robert, I have a 2& half year old reactive male g.s.d when walking him on the prong collar with a 5ft lead we come across other dogs sometimes he gets pumped up and starts staring so I correct him “occasionally” this doesn’t break his stare and he jumps up and barks and me.. is it my bad timing or that he’s taking the correction personally like I’ve heard you mention before? 

Although, he is getting better all the time the more he gets out and about. 

Many Thanks 



Hello Robert and Janet 

I started in a dog sport school here in Switzerland working with my 10 month old working line GSD. We are using the tug as a reward which works really well, his drive for it is insane. Before we used it as a reward he bit it in the middle like he should. I noticed lately he started biting more towards the handle and unfortunately he hit my hand 2 times. 

How can I get him to bite more towards the middle while working him? 

Thanks for your commitment for the members and in the community lately. Too bad you’re not in Switzerland, i would love to train with you.


Hello Robert & Janet. Im learning so much from all your videos thank you! I walk my 11 month old GSD using a prong collar. He’s doing better with leash pulling and your videos have been very helpful. He does get overly excited when I turn 180 so I try keep him calm but sometimes he gets excited and will grab the leash and begin tugging like it’s a tug game as well as jumping and play biting. How do I redirect him when he gets overly excited and grabs the leash making it impossible to walk? Sometimes it takes a couple minutes of him acting up to get him under control. Thank you! Lisa


Enjoy your videos. My 1 yr old malinois get very excited sometimes on leash and is impossible to control. She is not aggressive but wants to go where wants. What video do you recommend?


I have an 11 week old Belgian Malinois that I have had less than a week. She will bark and growl when meeting someone new. I can tell she is scared but I want to know I am handling her properly. I have been trying to get her around new people as much as possible but don’t know if I should be correcting and how I should go about correcting them?

Peter S

Robert, much respect and many thanks for everything you do. Dinner on me if you’re ever in NYC 

I’ve consumed every piece of your content on the topic of resource guarding. In a previous AMA, you suggest disallowing behavior such as growling and to correct the dog. Im cautious not to escalate and risk injury with a leash correction. He is however accustomed to an e-collar. Do you recommend use of this for a correction around food? He’s a 7-mo Golden with no other resource guarding tendencies thus far. But he continues to growl, has lunged at me and even bit my hand during an early episode.

Aidan S

Hi Robert, So I’m currently working on keeping my dogs attention on me which works, I’ve watched a lot of your videos about making it fun, being animated, etc and it is working great. The only problem I seem to have is my dog seems to pay attention to my hand / treat pouch before he looks at me. For instance I might call him and he sometimes come running to the side where my treats are.. how would you fix this? If this is even is a problem? 

Thanks in advance, love watching the last video you put up with Annie!


Our 1.5yr old stan. poodle is anxious and barks at everything, we got an e-collar bark collar. We got her comfortable wearing the collar for a few days without it being on, then set the bark collar to level 1, she barked and got zapped, she got scared and yelped, and then ran away with her tail tucked. My wife was concerned and I want to put her at ease that this is all a part of the process. Can you please share some reassuring words I can pass/share with my wife? How long will acclimation take? Should we do anything differently? We also got the mini educator and have not used it yet. Thanks.


I’ve been taking my 2 year neutered Malinois for training to reduce reactivity when with me or my husband and people approaching us. The trainers both with Malinois who have taken their dogs through schutzhund tried he two leash approach one on either side on his fursaver so when he lunged on one the other pulls him back. Since his 3 lessons where he seems better with me and the trainers, he’s started lunging (muzzled) at the vet coming to collect him. Has this training made his leash reactivity worse? Thanks!


Any tips working with dogs slow to pick up training. Daisy 1y 9m 86lb mutt mostly Great Dane and Pitt. Is very sweet. Very food motivated. When working with her, she does not pick up skills very fast she just wants the food/treat. At 10wk tried to hand feed. It was like feeding a Piranha. She was bottle fed at a rescue. Takes 10x longer then my other dog Max. It is like he watched your videos with me. He is about 3y. The pound said he is a boxer mix, but I think he is a small presa 68 pounds. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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