Member Questions 3-6-23

Wendy W

I built a lot of drive and engagement with my puppy. She is 6 1/2 years old now and we’ve been competing in obedience. She can make a lot of noise in the ring. NOT barking, but grumbling, garbling. Lots of points lost thru the years. Did I build too much drive? She does it in training too. I think 3 things trigger this… 1) anticipation of a reward 2) anticipation of the exercise (dumbbell/or scent retrieve), and 3) I think stress can bring it out. I’ve tried SO many things over the years, wondering if you have helped someone in fixing what I’d call… “leaking noise”. Thank you.


My malinois has improved a lot with reactivity thanks to all your help and videos (she can walk by and ignore all dogs) 

I still have one problem and it’s when training she can snif an other dog and all but if I get near she will launch, in her kennel she growls if I touch a puppy (some times I need to they are training too). 

It can be avoided if I’m just far, if I call she comes but if I go there that’s an other story. 

It’s difficult to explain it in English. Thanks in advance, have a great week

James L

Hi, Robert. I took my 1 year old male malinois to vet yesterday for rabies and microchip. He was excited when we went in and calmed down later. Vet tried to put muzzle on but my dog had never tried before, and i put it on for him but he didn’t like it. He refused to take vaccine and several people hold him very tight and did the vaccine. He tried to ran and everything was chaos. He was very very panic and struggled, but No aggression. He was much better before because it was a different vet and they gave him treat on the ground. Vet says he needs training but i dont know what to do to help


I rescued a wild ACD 6 months ago. Since then we’ve attended basic obedience, foundation agility, and rally classes. He’s a brilliant, happy guy… a bit too happy. He usually does heel work nicely. He will unexpectedly break into play/velociraptor mode pulling and running with the leash. I often can’t pop the leash because the metal clasp might break a tooth, or get close enough to grab the collar, especially if it’s a long line. I’m not sure how to deal with this. Treats will distract him but I don’t want him to think this behavior gets a reward. I’ll appreciate your suggestions!

Manoj B

Good Morning Mr Robert, i am subscriber of monthly plan, i am from nepal, i have a 2 yrs labrador male, i always take him for walk twice a day, however he barks very early morning and evening to go for walk. The issue we have is his barking early morning disturbes sleeping kids and elderly people and neighbouring. Can you suggest me how can i change his habit to keep him calm until i wake up to go for walk? I usually wake up around 6 am but he starts barking from 5 am and also in evening he barks alot when its time to go for walk. Thank you!


Hi Robert&hi Janet. Toby(1yr Mal male) is coming along with IGP training 3 times per week. My club uses e-collar. My question is what is the difference btw hunter dog e-collar & IGP training we-collar? Clearly the application & communication is different but how & why? Grace

Lina T

Hi R & J! My GSD,Harpo is sweet, always happy during obedience training. She demonstrates high motivation with treats. I make her work for treats and will get a freebie when she’s doing well. She’s been trained to wait until I give the OK to take her treats,her mouth is very soft. One day, we were just chilling; she threw up; went to her, she turned on me. It was terrifying. On my knees, all I saw were huge teeth coming at my face,snarling, bit my cheekbone, not my eye. Impossible to correct at the time. 2nd X,I instinctively put myself b/t my friend, whom Harpo loves. She chomped my arm.


I have an 11 year old Border Collie mix who has a solid obedience foundation. We’ve worked with an E-Collar in the past but I’ve recently purchased a Mini Educator. I followed the manual on how to find his working level (10) and we began simple place drills using Larry krohn’s E-Collar Training handbook and high value rewards. He has a good understanding of place and has a solid recall so the training went okay, minus his overall demeanor. He lip licks when I put the collar on, and seems timid when we work with it. Is my dog too soft and should we stop E-collar training altogether?

Tommy A

Halo to the Cabralians. 

I have a 14 month old malinois named Mills. 

We do scent detection for fun, and i am thinking of training her to do a bark marking when she finds something. 

I will also take her hunting for martens from next November. 

That form of hunting require her to be barking like Krazy to keep the martens focus on the dog while I snick up an shoot. 

Do you think there’s a conflict between barking to mark a find and barking at a pray animal. 

Do you think i will confuse the dog?

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