Member Questions 4-14-23

*** This is a rare situation where Janet and I discussed the questions after we recorded them (as we often do), but here we decided to address a little more detail to the question posed by Ailene.

PLEASE… unless your dog is doing serious damage, don’t call it an ATTACK. I hear attack and I think the worst. When Janet and I discussed it afterwards, she reminded me that it was a 5 month old puppy and that perhaps Ailene is not describing it the best and clearest way. So to be fair, there are two videos!

Susan R

We have an 8-month-old, 42 pound, well-trained goldendoodle. He does not jump up on furniture and WILL NOT jump into a car. He’s had no bad history with jumps or cars. We’ve tried favorite treats; stepping up on objects/steps of various heights (he quits at about 2 feet); having his best friend jump in the car ready to go; car rides to fun places. X-ray perfectly normal; occasional jumps during zoomies. Perfectly healthy x-ray and he occasionally jumps by mistake on a sofa as part of “zoomies.” Our trainer asked all trainers in his company— no one’s heard of anything like it. Help?


Hi Robert, I have watched the e collar videos provided on your website mostly for basic obedience and recall. Most of the videos provided are a little bit more advanced for my dog and I am still focusing on conditioning. One video that really helped me was E-Collar Intro and Issues with Rio Part 1 & 2, do you plan on providing more videos to us where you introduce the e-collar to the dog for the first time (such as siggy or any of your other clients). If not just some more basic information about introducing the ecollar would be very helpful. Thanks!


Robert, I’m glad that I’m finally a member of your page. We have a 4.5 months old mal and he is hand fed him since we got him at 8 weeks old. We incorporate training while feeding him. No issues until recently, he started snapping and biting when we feed him. He does that as well when training him the heel command. I feel like he gets frustrated and just want to eat. We’re feeding him 1 cup per meal 3X a day. I’m just trying to understand where his frustration is coming from? Maybe we’re not giving him enough food? Or not in the mood for training?


Hi, Robert. My 1 year old malinois is very nice to people but always jumps on them when he is unleashed. He is much better when he is leashed, because i corrected him a few times. However, when he plays without leash, and becomes excited, he keeps jumping on other people except me. It was hard for me to correct him without a leash. Is it necessary for me to get a e collar so i can correct him when he does that again?


Robert – my 3 year old Mal/GSD is starting to bark when he see’s anything out the window. It used to just be a few dogs in the neighborhood but now it is becoming every person, dog even cars that drive by. He will see something out the window downstairs then sprint upstairs and start barking like a maniac. How do I correct this behavior? Thanks!


I need your advice regarding my 5-month-old Mallinois. We got her at 4 months old from owners who did not socialize her or let her out of the house. Unfortunately, she’s not fond of visitors, and becomes jealous when the kids get close to my wife. 

We have tried to socialize her and take her on walks with other dogs. We are concerned that this behavior will become a bigger issue if not addressed soon. 

I would appreciate any recommendations which videos to watch that may have to help our dog become more comfortable around visitors. My doctor said she should train her to wear a muzzle.


Hello Robert,I hope you and Janet had a great Easter weekend. I was listening to your last AMA video (April 7th) and was wondering if you could please explain further on how to correct food resourcing behaviors because I’m experiencing something similar as well.In the video, you mentioned ‘tough love’ and ‘coming down on the dog a little more firmly to physically show that this behavior will not be tolerated’ and I was wondering in what ways I can do this?Would you please share some examples of things you do that you have found to be successful.Many thanks, Vanessa.


I have a border collie mix male dog. He started to be less focused on me during heel (for example), but when another member tried he was excited and was doing a perfect heel. How do I get him back excited to me. Do i spent too much time with him, and he just got used to me?

Lina T

Hi R & J. First and foremost, HarpoGSD & I thank you both.Im on disability for severe depression so my dad bought me Harpo. They were so happy for me, they attended obedience class with me.Unexpectedly, my dad, husband&grandma died within 6 weeks of each other.Harpo was the only who could console me as my last family member. I converted the family room to my bedroom. Why? Because I’m afraid if Harpo got sick/injured, how would I transport her to the vet? And if we were upstairs… what is the likelihood of her turning on me if she was in pain? How do I get her into my car? I worry. Thank you

Ailene V

Hi Mr. Cabral, I watched your videos on pup/dog aggression before emailing you. The DNA report from Embark says my 5 month old puppy is a mix of Australian cattle dog, Lab, Pitbull, Chow, German,Dutch shepherd, and Boxer. My girl started to attack my husband or me when either one of us corrects her. She’ll run at us,growling, snarling, barking, biting our arm, legs, and tearing our clothes. I tend to get her by the collar, hold her and say no. I hold her until she calms down, say “yes” and let her go. Then she attacks again! Please help! How do I fix this problem?

Enzo S

We picked up a 5 month old male last weekend (temporarily) He was great and was introduced to 14 people. lovable and playful. We were surprised. Only hang up was with other pets. Seemed to show aggression with other pets on walks in the neighborhood. He starred at them. Introduced him to a 80lb 2 year old Labrador and was aggressive. Concerned about our 5 year old yorkipoo 7#s and he wanted to use her as a chew toy. Wondering if we would have better luck with an 8week old Mal so she/he can grow with our current dog. We would really like a Mal. What would you suggest? Thoughts? Bad idea?

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