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I adopted a 6 mo old (I believe it’s a Malinois, getting DNA testing done) puppy. He constantly tries to eat his and my other dogs poop. He was very emaciated when I got him 2.5 weeks ago but is filling out beautifully. I try to make sure there isn’t any in the yard but when I work my husband isn’t as diligent. I give “No Poo” chews and “Forbid” powder in food. I have started using my e – collar. Will he stop eventually? He also play bites very rough with my other dog. He will bite until my springer spaniel whines but then lets go. My dog wants to play with him. How do I correct the biting?

The 6mo old I adopted was listed on as a 3mo GSD mix. His story was he was thrown out on a highway in Texas when he was that age. I had him brought to Iowa and right before I picked him up they said he had been with a foster family for about 2.5 months. So he is around 6mo. I think he looks like a Malinois and will receive DNA results. I have only had him for approximately 3 weeks. He is 43lbs but very thin. Despite his past, his disposition is very sweet. My AKC English Springer Spaniel is 3yrs old.

Kimberly L

Hi Robert- I am fostering a 1yo female Malinois who was living in a feces filled crate outside. She’s severely malnourished only weighing 48 lbs. She’s skin & bones, but is putting weight on nicely. Only had her for few days & she’s bonding nicely with me. I have a 2yo intact Male Malinois IGP dog that is very dominant & protective of me & my home. He’s only been introduced to one other dog, a neutered beagle; we hike off leash together. Since I have such an awesome relationship with my male & she will be a foster only, is it best to just keep them separated rather than risking a negative exp?

Joe D

Hi Robert, not sure what I’m doing wrong or what to work on to fix this. My unaltered Female GSD will be 2 next month. She listens very well while training no matter where (home, at park or trail). But there are times at home when she simply does not listen. She seems so focused on whatever it is she doesn’t even seem to hear me. Even If I have the leash on her she will not comply, and it takes many corrections to gain compliance. Any ideas on what we should work on for this?


Hey Robert! How can you tell or what are the biggest ques if you dog is “dominant” when seeing other dogs on a leash or “frustrated” on a leash? Is there a way to correct a dominant dog for them to be less dominant around other dogs?


My 3rd question in 3 weeks, thank you so much Robert! Is it reasonable to expect we might be able to train our 1 yr old unaltered male to calm down about our females heat cycles over time? Our house is not big enough to keep them separated except for taking turns in/out of their crates, which are in the same room, and it has been crazy difficult this recent heat cycle to get him to do much of anything except pine for her. She is fully mature so we could get her spayed, but then if we spare her ovaries for health benefits, would that even make any difference for him? Thank you.

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