Member Questions 5-20-22


I live on a large WV farm. We ride 4-wheelers to work the farm. Cody loves running along with us and I love him coming. A lot of this is up and down mountains and its hard to stop quick. My problem is that sometimes he darts in front of me. How can I train him to stay clear of the 4-wheeler. He is not aggressive at the ATV. He just doesn’t understand to stay clear of it.


I’m having trouble finding liquid Benadryl for Maggie’s 1st aid box. I’ve found at least 5 different Milligrams on Chewy and way too many on Amazon. I made sure early on that she is ok with putting pills down her throat but the liquid seems even easier. Is there a brand or source that you can recommend? Also thank you for the heads up about the Vet tape not lasting forever.

Melissa M

I’m loving all the food recipes I can find on here and your own, Is there any guides for puppies (by puppy weight/breed) to ensure they get the right amounts of food and nutrients to grow properly? best cuts/types from butchers etc? My boys are on a mix of kibble (Iams puppy), raw dog meat, ‘food’ (veg, fruit etc same as we eat) and treats (training) and I would like to change them over to a more balanced diet, Can you help? Thank you again x3 🙂


Hello Robert and Janet. The last question I sent in was regarding a new female GSD after our pitbull had to be put down for kidney failure on New Year’s Day. I’m happy to report that the new GSD we added to the family is doing phenomenal. 

My question is, for my other GSD that I have started working county SAR k9 team with, do you have any advice other than fans and umbrellas to help keep the dog cool when he’s in his kennel / when it isn’t his turn to train? Thanks and take care! -Shane

Greg C

Before subscribing I assumed my very high-drive 5-mo GSD was stubborn and I was too strict with her with little progress, after hearing you say repeatedly “it’s a puppy, let it be a puppy”, I did just that and backed off. At 7-mo, she has become a wonderful dog, and over time learned her issues were fear and sensitivity not obstinance. Thank you for saving her and reminding us not to succumb to other dog “peer pressure” and trying too hard to achieve too fast at such an early age. GOD Bless.

Ian G

Hello Robert, my parents and I are planning on getting a new puppy this Saturday. The rescue is around 2-3 hours away from our house and I was wondering how I should get the puppy to not associate his crate to negative feelings. We were planning on having me ride in the back with the pup close by so I can calm him down and keep an eye on him, but was wondering if you had any ideas on the situation. Thanks for the all the information and lessons, really looking forward to getting a puppy. Thanks


My 8 month old freaks out when she goes through a doorway outside. I think it’s a combination of excitement/ frustration. She will spin around and try and bite the leash, start screaming barking and just flip out. We have tried going back in to reset. But that does not work and if I do it too many times she almost gets worse. I have tried obedience to reset but that does not work. She will spin and jump at the leash and be screaming barking. Any leash correction no matter how hard, or soft, on a prong, e collar or martingale or even wide flat results in her flipping out more. Help I am at a loss.

Eric F

I’ll keep it short. I have a 4 month old puppy that lunges at people who he’s already met and had positive interactions with in the past. This mostly happens when they turn around to leave. What could be wrong and how can I stop this behavior?

Allie C

Hux growls if other dogs enter room if they’re excited/move unexpectedly, if one backs up toward HIM to defer space to me, he will aggress on them, growls as they pass his crate & attacks if he senses them coming up behind him. We break him off and crate, he shakes like it came from fear. VERY obedient, polite dog in every other respect. Pack of 6, all well mannered. Has mild hip dysplasia, low pain threshold. Has gone for all 5 at some point, punctures. Is on NSAID for pain. Punish? Muzzle?PTS?


We rescued a Great Dane about 5 weeks ago. She’s between 2 and 3. We’ve been working obedience and lots of exercise to give her structure. However, right from day 1 there was food guarding. Your video on this and hand feeding has been working so far. The issue now is guarding her bed(s). Before we were aware, this escalated to lunging and warning bites. I’m not sure how to address this. Outside of resource guarding, she shows no other kinds of aggression.

Melissa M

Hi Robert and Janet, would it be possible for you to put up a training video for introducing puppies to agility? including what limits to stick to etc? its something my daughter could do with them, which would build both of their confidence and give her a fun way to train/play with them. Thanks Mel


Hey Robert, I followed your advice to crate train my 20 month English Cocker. He uses the crate when I leave the house, to sleep at night, and ride in the car. It’s been great! However, I’m curious, do you recommend gradually leaving him in the house without the crate for short periods and eventually overnight? He’ll be 2yrs in July. Is this a good time to give him more independence or just continue with the crate, since he seems to like it? Thanks

Jerry C

I can’t find the video where you explain why sometimes you toss the treat behind the dog and why you do that. In the videos I see you tossing behind the dog or just giving the treat in front of you (as when they’re sitting). What is different about tossing the treat behind the dog?

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