Member Questions – 5/21/21

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Wishing you all a super weekend! I’ll be doing a LIVE next week. Stay tuned for time and day announcement.


I’m trying to proof my training outdoors w/ my 4 month old pup in low distraction places. My problem is getting focus. He prefers to explore the environment, not focus on me and train. I reinforce every time he looks at me and check in often to see if he will comply w/ basic commands. I bring the training back to square one, using more lures/shaping than inside. Once I notice he will focus on me, sometimes we can get a good training session in. How do I more reliably get his focus outside? Thx!


I’ve been practicing leash reactivity outside a dog park and I am able to get my dog within a few metres of another dog without reacting. I then started to try walk with him on foot paths where the dogs were further away and less people but he was more reactive ? Is that because he was a little to far infront on the walk or is it still to soon to walk on foot path. I’ve been doing reactive training at the park 2 days a week for the last month. Thanks


Robert, I have a 3 yr old GSD who gets walked twice a day training/obedience midday. On my morning walks, I alternate between letting her sniff and explore but periodically pull her out of that and re-engage by putting her back in a “ foos” etc. This is an attempt to give her some time to “be a dog”. I know this allows her to go into drive but I pull her out of it as well. Afternoon walks are all structured obedience. Do you think this “ balanced” or should all walks be structured? Thanks!


Do you have plans to interview Ivan Balabanov?

Terry J D

First off thank you for getting Jango and I through our first year of training and puppy life. My 1yr old Belgian Malinois at his recent vet check up it was suggested to do prevention surgery gastropexy to lessen the chance of bloat. What are your thoughts about this? Also can you cover things to help prevent this in a video maybe? Such as not feeding directly before or after hard exercise. Large water consumption while being active. explain the facts vs the myths.


I am teaching my 6mth GSD not to take food from strangers. When training, he is to take the food only when I say “OK”. To keep consistency and make it clear for him, should I use the same method for all food / treats he gets? (we already do it for his meals) F.e. we also are focusing on recall – should he get his treat after recall only after cue “OK”? Should I consistently use cue “OK” for all food and treats or should I somehow separate the training for other obedience we do?


Hi Robert, first of all thanks for all the content It is awesome. I have a 4 months old Belgian malinois puppy (female) I have been using a lot of your videos to train her and I think she is doing really well. She Loves to play fetch with the tennis ball, and I am also trying to get her to Play tug a little more. She engages pretty well jumping at the target, and chasing it but I have noticed her bite is very weak, like she is afraid to commit to it. How to improve her bite when playing tug? Do you have any recommendations? Thanks


My 9 week old GSD gets really excited and goes into high prey drive when we take her and our 1 year old Aussie out. Pup on leash, Aussie not. They run in circles to play, and then pup will go for the throat and latch on, ignoring all corrections. The Aussie is super sweet and hasn’t retaliated harshly. 9 weeks is young, but I’m worried one or the other is going to get hurt if this behavior isn’t corrected. Same behavior inside, and with cats, so they are kept separate. How do I address this?


Hey Robert, only 2, 5 minute lessons into scent discrimination with my 6month GSD. She has always been extra chewy and I expected this to happen. Like with the send away to a cone she will go and chew the thing to oblivion (she has always used her teeth like this when learning). With the dowel artefacts, she gets to the correct one (I hope not because she can see all the obvious chew holes) but always starts to chew on the back teeth. Am I starting this training too early for a bitey pup?

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