Member Questions – 5/28/21

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Hello Team… here are today’s QA. Wishing you all a great weekend. See you next week!


I recently started taking my 12wk old Malinois to the park and noticed she would find a dead animal and start chewing on it. I tell her no, and when she drops it out of her mouth, I praise her and walk in the opposite direction. But sometimes she guards what she has found. I don’t try to pry her mouth, instead, I give her something higher in value like a treat and tell her to drop it and repeat what I have been doing. Still working on a solid leave it command. Any advice?

Jamie S

Thank you for being one of the most honest, knowledgeable, reliable & respected dog trainers. I asked you a question on 5/25 regarding placing my 2 GSD’S in a Board & Train. Your answer gave my great confidence, that I am quite capable in achieving the same goals. You directed me to which videos would help me. Your words of encouragement & the direction you provide people like me, that can’t afford thousands of dollars for board & train, are priceless. Thank you for all you do!


10m GSD with aggression to kids (last post) With adults she is friendly when she approaches and sniffs. Just recently during 1st heat, when in DOWN (not showing stress) – if adults walk up to her (happened 3x), she lunges at them, barking aggressively, and in one case nipped. She met worker at store. Was friendly, drank water from her hand. She came back 2 min later with more water, and the dog jumped up barking. Is this fear? Happens in a second. What is the best way to address this with my trainer?


10 mo GSD now started to patrol & bark at passersby. She barks & runs at strangers who come in the yard. She is indifferent to all our neighbors in our 5-plex accept one family. She barks at the children and the mom. IF children react she runs toward them circling back barking if I call her (Playing?). I no longer let her in the shared yard alone (I used to watch from the window. I now go out with her to avoid this.) How to correct this? She is ok in public stores/hiking/parks.


Robert my mothers 7 year old corgi snaps and has actually bitten at my 11 month old White Swiss. My mother tries to explain to me he is only showing his dominance and this is normal behavior not aggression. I disagree. I am afraid as my dog gets older she will respond by snapping back or get hurt she is extremely submissive to him now. I think they should not be near each other. She says he does well with other dogs at dog parks. Advice? If he does need training for this what do you recommend.


Hi Robert

I have an 18 month old golden retriever. I’ve had him since he was 9 weeks. The problem is that he has learned to ignore me. I know the fault is mine and not the dogs. How can I rebuild the relationship between us? Where do I start?

Thanks Jacqueline


Hi Robert, I am teaching my 1,5year lab to fetch. She knows hold and will bring me a dowel if I step back but if I throw it she will not grab it and she will not bring it. She starts playing with it and hitting it with her paws.


I’m having trouble getting my 10 month old Mal to drop on command from a distance while retrieving. He does down from a distance well, but when he is running back from a retrieve he tends to creep up before he downs. How can I fine tune this where he will down on the spot without creeping up? I’ve used your methods as far as down on a table, etc. and he does ok. It’s only when running back to me that he creeps. How do I teach him to stop short and down when at a full run?


Robert – I started bringing Rocky’s raw food with me to the field when we train. I used to hand feed him when he was a puppy and still do sometimes but mostly in the house or backyard. Rocky is a 14 month GSD/mal mix and his drive was insane when training with his raw food at the park. He was sprinting to me for recall and his obedience was pretty much perfect. My question is, how do I channel this drive without having the food on me? He likes toys and tug but his drive is not nearly as high.


I have a 2-year old Cattle Dog/Collie/Malamute mix. She’s good with recall and knows exactly what is expected. Occasionally, she looks at me defiantly and refuses to move when called. I firmly say “no, here” and no response. She rolls on her back when I try to get her, so I use her leash to take her back. Could you explain the use and timing of corrections and rewards to improve her recall when she’s being stubborn? I am truly grateful for all that you do to make life with our dogs better.


I have came across a few people who were at their wit’s ends with some specific problem behavior of their dog and finally opted to go for an e collar. Many of them said that after a single or a couple of “zaps” from the collar, the dog never repeated the problem behavior and the owners were like only if we got this tool sooner. In your experience can extinction of a negative potentially dangerous behavior be achieved without conditioning the dog to the e collar corrections and at that speed?


My 7 month old Groenendaeler has recently started squeaking early in the morning from 6 on. He last was out at 10 in the evening. I would love to be able to sleep out until 7. Is it all right to ignore his whining? He also often squeeches when he wants our attention recently.


Hi Robert, my 13 week old setter mix puppy absolutely hates walking in the rain, or even in long wet grass. She digs her heels in and refuses to walk, and when I do finally get her walking again, she whines and stops again shortly after. When she knows we’re heading home she pulls the entire way, trying to get inside faster. Her food motivation is zero in this situation, even if she’s hungry, and it turns into a frustrating experience for both of us. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks


I have a 5-month old Vizsla puppy. When I take her out to the building’s dog park (only when said dog park is empty), we do some training and we play, but after a while she lays down on the grass and starts eating it, or starts chewing on sticks. I don’t think she’s got an upset stomach, her stool is normal and she doesn’t vomit or anything. She’s got plenty of chew toys at home. Will this behavior fade as she matures? Should I just end the session when she starts doing this?


Hey Robert, my 10 month English Cocker Spaniel finished his Basic Obedience Course and is doing well with on-leash walks. My question pertains to his chewing stuff in the house. I use a bitter Apple spray to keep him from chewing furniture once he chews on it. This all natural spray deters him from chewing there, but is this the best way for me to correct & stop this behavior? I’m looking for recommendations on healthy chews to satisfy his chewing urges too. Thanks- your videos help immensely!

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