Member Questions 5-5-23

Liz L

I have an incredibly strong, and muscular dog. He behaves incredibly well under most conditions with the exception of squirrels and rabbits. If he spots one before me, he will take off and has even broken off his leash to chase it down. This has caused me immense stress as this has occurred near an open road. While I work with him to get this under control, will a dual leashing system – anti-pull harness plus Martingale collar help keep us safe as we work through it together)? Thanks.


I researched the Belgian Malinois for almost 2 years and waited until my living situation permitted prior to adopting a dog. I became a member and started watching your videos before I secured my dog. I picked up my 10 month old BM a week ago thinking that I was prepared. I have yet to be able to get her to “look” or learn her name. She also doesn’t have house manners and will get things that she is not supposed to have and will obsess on getting it back as soon as I take it away. Redirecting doesn’t work or I’m not doing it right. These 3 things are my priority. Please help!

Hollis S

Now that England will likely ban all ecollars as of 2/2024, do you have any suggestions on preventing similar bans in US?

Mike M

Hello Robert. I rescued a 4-5 yr old Belgian male Malinois a year ago. I also have a spayed 3 yr old Malinois. I am retired LE with K9 handler experience with all my formal training at Adlerhorst International. I’m scratching my head over my male and his unprovoked biting tendencies. He has bitten 4 times in the past 5 months. The bites have occurred when he is waking from a sleep almost as if he’s been startled. I don’t know his history since he is a rescue. I hate the thought of this but is it best to have him euthanized at this point or work on a solution to his unprovoked biting?


Are there any changes i should make for training with my 150lb 3yo Tibetan Mastiff? He’s very stubborn, doesn’t do ANYTHING fast (like watching a tractor trailer compared to a sports car). He mentally engages, he is very food motivated and good natured. He decides after a little training session (10-15 min) he is done. He doesn’t play like other dogs, no tugging, no running/getting excited and doesn’t like to chase balls or anything. He is a perimeter dog and what he really enjoys is walking the fence line so we do that after training.

Lina T

Hello Robert & Janet, I’m getting myself all worked up on different collars and Harpo’s safety when walking her. Is it alright if I used the pinch with the e-collar (while walking only). She requires min corrections with the pinch so all she would need an occasional e-collar correction. The pinch is primarily for me. If something sets her off, I’m afraid a Martingale wouldn’t hold her back, I weigh only 10lbs more than she does. She’s much stronger than I am. 

Janet, I started my own version of agility lessons. I wish you would join Robert with agility lessons!!! Thank you both.

​​Susan P

10 m old, neutered, shepherd mix. first 8 months: no training, bullied by older dog. Gizmo is very aggressive with dogs that are smaller than he is and super aggressive with my cat. He is able to follow commands until prey drive kicks in, then he is basically out of control. When this happens and he finally calms down I repeat lessons on basic commands. There have been times when I think he’s getting it, then he backslides.

Lina T

Hi Robert and Janet, I’m finally getting used the E-collar with Harpo;on level 5 with the Chameleon.She was doing great until the dogs next door came out(privacy fence).They get to barking and digging at the fence. The 1st time I called her, she ignored me until I gave her the #5 correction.The 2nd time they were all outside again, the same unwanted behavior occurred so again, I corrected her. I can definitely tell she felt it because she would stop for a sec.Should I con’t keep correcting her at #5or change to #6. #5 worked 100% of the time during obedience. Thank you for your help!

Shawn G

So I sent you a message in the wrong spot. I like your style, I’ve watched a lot of your youtube videos but I need to know for my own sanity 

that I can get Suzy Q to be as good as a service dog in public with no aggression towards excited children or any children for matter and no chasing other dog’s balls, etc. Basically, I’m just asking if I follow and do exactly as I’m told with training Suzy can I get her to be that good in public? I also have an educator collar. Do I need a 16ft, 30ft, or 50ft leash? Which is best?


Hi, so, I’m planning a 8-day vacation this summer, but can’t bring my reactive furry friend along. He’s going to stay with my partents while I’m away, but I’m worried about his training routine since he won’t be able to keep up with it while I’m not there. My parents won’t be able to take him on long walks either – they’ll probably often chill in the garden with him. Do you think this extended break from training and reduction of activity will throw us off track? We did a similar thing last year, but only for 4 days, and he did pretty well. But this time it’s longer, so I’m not sure


Hi Robert, I watched the video where you helped your client, Claudine and her Airedale Lucy to become confident in her leash handling skills. I noticed that you used a 12 ft leash here. I have something similar at home as well, and would like to know how safe it is to have only that (no prong, no harness) if the dog were to take off after a rabbit or squirrel. I’m looking for a safe way to walk a prey-driven dog who is otherwise well-behaved on leash. Thanks.


Hey Robert and Janet ❤️ just to update my previous question about how to deal with fear when dog is schocked with cows fense. I did exactly like you said i should do (just before i watched this video😁) i played with her and she didnt even notice the fense. But what is more important, she is aware of the meaning of the fense..she knows the words like electricity, fense, auch..i am so proud of her 😁 she is very smart 😁 i have another question 🤷 we met a wolf..i had her on leash but wolf just came to i unleashed her and prepared my knife..but then they just that normal?

Denis N

Hi Robert, I watched your videos with Red and Roxy. (Reactive or aggressive Dogs) I noticed that Red’s correction was to sit at a distance from Jimi before being called back towards Red’s handler. Later on, Jimi and Red were lying down side by side. Roxy’s correction was to go closer to Jimi and when she lunges you popped her leash and said no. Then the two dogs were walking side by side peacefully. I mean, may I ask why you used two different approaches with these dogs?

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