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Jane J

At what age should you start working on hind end awareness? I have a 3 month old working line GSD and we did try this one time on an upturned bowl and he did it extremely well. Is this too soon to be doing it though?


Hi Robert! I have been working on teaching my mal/GSD a competition heel and he is doing well, except, sometimes he uses his little front teeth to nibble on my belly when we are doing it!  To be fair, my belly probably jiggles more than it should lol, but I need to get him to stop!!  It doesn’t hurt, but likely won’t go well at a trial. He’s doing it when he’s super happy to be training so I don’t want to take any of his joy away. He’s big (90 lbs) and I’m short so his snout is right at my belly. Any advice aside from me improving my workouts?

Mike H

I got my dog from the VCAS shelter in Camarillo about 6 months ago. She’s 54% Doberman, 26% German Sheppard and 14% Australian Cattle Dog.

She’s a very affectionate dog, knows basic commands and does well when she’s paying attention.  She also does well on a leash.  Until, that is, she sees a squirrel, rabbit, cat, etc.  Then she goes into “prey” mode and I have a heck of a time getting her back in focus.  I’ve tried everything.  I don’t mind putting in the work, I just need something else to try.


Hi Robert, whenever I sit on the floor my 1 year old malinois gets anxious. He pushes into me, barks,and gets mouthy when I push him away. Is this him wanting to play or something else?



My German Shepherd is well shaped, certified service dog.  Trained two dogs for kayaking, she is my third dog, already prep trained in kayak on hard ground and movement; ready to start floating.  Doing research on ecollar; my thought is use on vibration mode; as to prevent burning.  My concern is with kayaking, this will be the highest distraction situation for her, not safe to use leash or line;  I want the most secured situation possible.  As you understand 

, research and prevention is crucial in training.  Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Shandy W

How do I keep my small dogs safe from my perants dog who has started attacking my dog for giving there puppy a correction? My dogs are a 16 lbs rat chi and a 21 lbs rat terrier female spayed and intact male and has never shown intact male behavior. There dogs are a 35 lbs boarder jack/heeler cross intact male has shown aggression and recourse guarding from the time they got him at about 13 weeks old he is now almost 3 and a puppy who is about 6 months now who is a mcnab/decker cross has never shown aggression but is your typical annoying puppy. My dogs have to be around them on week ends.


At what age would you say I should start working on hind end awareness? My working line GSD pup is 13 weeks old and I did try this once with him using an upturned bowl and he was amazing at it but should I continue or wait until he is older?


I have a 14 month old GSD that likes to help me put our chickens up in their pens at night. He’s been very good, stays by my side until recently.  He started chasing the chickens and has successfully grabbed a mouthful of feathers. I have started the e collar training and am thinking that may be a good route to take.  He likes to have a job!


Sheppard Doberman mix 4 years. Recue with us 45days+.  In the table video, you said not to let your dog jump up/down onto the table. I have started a game on walks were Dorothy will jump up and down to a block wall planter in front of the building. There are 5 of them. The lowest is about 2 feet high to the highest at about 3+ feet. She is enjoying this and it gives her a focused task on the walk. This also burns off some of her energy and this has stopped the zoomies.  Should I stop this? Is this jumping going to hurt her latter? She gets 2 walks a day and play time in the backyard.

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