Member Questions – 6/11/21

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How often do you hold your podcasts? Do you also offer pre podcast for questions dealing with the current podcast topic? Thanks for your no nonsense direct approach to the responsibility of owning and providing proper care and training of a dog. If owners only knew the liability both to the pet and others not taking this responsibility seriously. Thanks


Hi, When training 2 dogs. Each time the other dog is in a crate but can see and hear me conditioning the other dog to the marker sound. Would you recommend using different sounds for each dog?

Shawn P D

I’m focusing on Loose leash walking with my BC and having a hard time. In one of your vids (Loose Leash Walking -Logical Solutions Easy for Both Dog and Human) you put leash pressure on Maya to teach her to release the pressure herself `. I also say you put lease pressure on your dog to make sure she stays in a sit…How do I or the dog differentiate whether to release the pressure or hold it? Thanks! Shawn

Arko G

Previously you recommended me not to get a Working Line German Shepherd…but can you explain why?? And can’t I learn training by watching your tutorials…..please explain me…coz I really like Working Line German Shepherd….I’m willing to go to any extents to to keep them satisfied….you also have a Working Line German Shepherd…..please explain me….


My current 14 month old dog is kenneled at night in the dining room. We will be bringing our new puppy home and was wondering if they should be kenneled (separately) but next to each other. Or would it be better in another room?


Hey Robert – my 13 months old mal/gsd mix is starting to jump on us when he gets out of the crate. I make him sit until I open the crate door but then he rushes out and gets a little crazy. How can I manage this? Thanks!

Arvid J

Hi, I recently learned that whale eyes are a thing with dogs and I have a question about our 1yo staffie ladies body language. When she approaches us for petting or affection she will either turn and sit with her back against us, or when facing us she will have a hard time keeping eye contact and will avoid it and show a whale eye with ears back. She is free to leave at any time if she wants. I read that these are signs of stress and uncomfort. Would love to hear your thoughts on this.


Hey Robert, I’ve been following all your videos which has helped train my 10 month English Cocker. He does exceptionally well on walks w/ leash. However, I live by myself, so when a guest comes over he barks, pants heavily and jumps on them. He is not aggressive, it’s all play mode. What is the best way to correct this? I’ve been putting him on leash, correcting his behavior and telling guests to ignore him until he settles. It usually takes him 30 minutes to calm. How will this issue improve?

Jamie S

Do you take your pups to a groomers or do you bathe them yourself? If you take them, how often & are they comfortable going? How often do you clean their ears & cut their nails. My friends dog gets anxious before & during walks (seems to do nothing but stress the owner & dog out) in your professional opinion, is it necessary to take your pups on walks or as long as they are getting excersize by playing fetch, training etc.? Is 5 mo old to young to sleep outside outside crate in house? Thank you


I joined your site a month ago and I have watched all your puppy videos and Join The Lesson videos. My husband and I have experience with working dogs. We trained dogs in Schutzhund at the club level 20 yrs ago before we had kids. I lost my best working dog at the age of 3 and I wasn’t willing to continue in the sport without him so I quit.

Once I had my first child we got a family pet which is a beautiful wheaten terrier. She’s 13 yrs old and still with us.

Two years ago we ordered our first Giant Schnauzer puppy as a family dog but also a new dog I could train at our local Schutzhund club. After waiting over 2 years for our new Giant Schnauzer puppy we finally brought him home 2 days ago. He is from a great breeder of show line dogs. I won’t bring a true working dog into my house until my youngest child is older.

My Giant Schnauzer puppy is 7 weeks and mouthing a lot. I want to maximize his drive as pet dogs are usually harder to engage and keep motivated. When he gets too excited and rough I push my hand to the back of his mouth and tell him “ enough” but he comes back at me stronger and growls at me as he would his littermates. Would you correct this behavior or just put him in his crate so that I don’t diminish his confidence at such a young age.

My kids are 6yrs and 18 yrs old. The puppy chases my youngest child’s feet and nips at her. I gave him a correction yesterday for chasing her feet and he stopped but I don’t want to destroy his confidence or drive by too many corrections at such a young age.

Sorry for the long-winded message but I wanted to explain my experience with high drive dogs along with my goal to increase my new pet puppy’s drive so I can participate in my local club.

Your work is amazing and you are changing our lives every day by teaching us how to be better humans to our dogs.

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