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Hi Robert, Hi Janet. Thank you for your reply on sock eating problem. Today I want to ask you about IGP training. I joined local K9 club where obedience, IGP, agility courses offered. The club president said if I want to do IGP with my mal Tobby, I should NOT do the obedience and vice versa. Do you agree and why does he say that?


Had a session with my trainer for my dog (mal 1yo) separation anxiety. He’s ok with it inside but not outside. Previous session with sit/stay and going away went fine. 

Yesterday trainer asked us to give him the leash, say nothin and leave 5mn. My dog went nuts, barking growling as the trainer corrected him rly harsly with pops and alpha rolls. Zero reward. He tried to bite during the alpha rolls. 

I ended the session 

I’m really afraid I broke my dog. First time ever he tried to bite. Any advice ?


Hi Robert. Which would you say through your experience are the finest top 5 breeds to train?

Kathleen P

Rosie is our 22 month old female doberman. As a younger pup she was lunged at by another dog and has become fearful of dogs. She will bark at the TV consistently. She also nips and bites at me quite frequently (doesn’t do this to my husband) Her recall is not the best. She is good with people for the most part. Very interactive with my 5 yr old granddaughter. She can be obedient with most commands

Jared W

I have a 17 week old Cane Corso who is constantly trying to pickup things like sticks, leaves and trash off the ground when on a walk. I am constantly having to tell him to leave it or make him out it. Any suggestions on breaking him from this or will it just come with time as he matures. Also having a problem with him trying to bite and tug on the leash while walking, any suggestions to help correct this?


Thx for your previous advice convincing me to return to the basics of a slip lead or fur saver which I use with an e-collar if necessary. After a year of retraining my Lab/Pit mix he has improved 75-80% in all areas yet his reactivity for some dogs like GSD’s and others is still a problem. Do you think it’s realistic to continue the e-collar for situational use (reactivity) which does stop him, yet I don’t think has a lasting effect. There is less info on fading the e-collar then how to start it


Hey, I have tried the slip lead walk away method to correct “with me” / my pups pulling/barking/lunging at other dogs. He still doesn’t understand how to loose leash/“w/me” walk. I am ordering a 20ft slip lead bc I have a 6ft and saw a video you posted abt a short line causing tension between handler. At what point should I begin to introduce prong, what prong is best for a 5m/o pup? Do these issues mean I should not let him sleep under me in relation to the ? I asked in previous ama? Thanks!


Hi, Robert 

My 7 year old male has recently started growling when I begin removing his flat collar. This began about a month ago and for no apparent reason. I began putting on and removing the collar from his side instead of in front of him. Could this have something to do with it? He usually wears an ecollar and a flat one on walks and this was never an issue until now. He doesn’t seem to be sore and never minds me brushing or touching his neck otherwise. How should I approach this? Thanks.


Hi Robert, from the UK. I just joined, I absolutely love your videos on YouTube, thank you for those and so here I am. I have a 7mth mix breed Cockapoo, I had to rescue him at 6 weeks and already had 2 rescue Chihuahuas who have taken quite some time for me to settle, they were my first dogs. Buddy is 7 months and I’ve had a few issues, separation anxiety is quite bad, can you help me with any advice, I work from home and try to leave him alone once a day as he cries a lot for me when here. Liza

Heidi S

Hello Robert, my German shepherd has recently started pawing at the glass patio door. We moved to a new home so now she can’t see me any longer inside. I have been ignoring her insistence of my attention. How can I stop her from doing this before she hurts herself or drives herself into a frenzy. Thanks for you input, take care. 

Katie S.

I have a 12 week old M GSD/lab and a 9yo female beagle. The issue has been that the puppy can be overwhelming to my beagle. When excited he wants to lunge, jump and nip my beagle. How should I be correcting this behavior to make the puppy know it is unacceptable? I have been teaching the puppy to settle when around her and keep him on a leash for control. It seems to work often but sometimes he gets so focused on her in a split second and then the behavior starts.

Kyle PG

Hi Robert and Janet! I’ve trained my now 3 1/2 year old lab with your “Yes,” “Good,” and “No” word system. But, along the way in our training I inadvertently taught him the word “Ok!” as a neutral (no reward) release cue. Can you explain in as much detail as possible exactly WHY you only use “Yes!” in your training, and also how you as a handler don’t subvert your dog’s expectations for a reward when releasing him with this cue? Thank you 🙂


Hello, my 6month mal randomly growls at my children when they approach me in my room. Got him when he was 10 weeks. He has been hackles and suspicious about everything since day one. Even lunging at the children. I have had working line dogs before and have some training background. He has a very stable obedience routine and plenty stimulating activities. I have watched your resource guarding video multiple times. Soon as I think he is doing better he growls again. Running out of words!

Diana St.

Hello…I am a new member and have been working with GSDs for over 30 years. I have a 16 month old now who has 2 AKC titles and is working on his 3rd, however in a class environment I am having issues with getting him to focus on me and not the other dogs. I’ve tried the toy/treats etc and he will focus but then wants to play. I work him before class to drain some energy. Where on your site can I find classroom distraction lessons? One on one is easy for him but not in a group. 

thank you!

Chuck B

Are you familiar with any training clubs in the greater Tampa area (Tampa to Sarasota). I am interested in getting involved in IPO sport. So I’m looking for a club first and then will look for a dog.


Our 5.5 month old malinois mix sometimes just seems to snap. He’ll lunge at us, and keep biting us (hard) no matter what we try, until we physically keep him on is side on the ground, and then we have to wait for at least 10 minutes for him to ‘snap’ back out of it. We give him structure, mental stimulation, exercise (not too much, not too little), his obedience is pretty good the rest of the time. Now our vet wants to give him drugs that would make him more ‘stable’. Thoughts? Thank you!

Joseph R

Max is having trouble with Impulse control and discipline. Max barks at other dogs and doesn’t listen to commands. No consistency in his actions. He consistently begs for treats (very annoying). He’s knows basics commands and done well to this point. I’ve used positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement. I’m losing patience and feel that I’m losing him. Why does it seem he’s lost all the training from previous months? Should I seek professional training? 

Not giving up yet, 



Hello, my dog has always had obsessive Behaviours since we brought him home as a puppy. He light chases, if there’s no lights he will repetitively lick the floor outside. We have tried many things but without success, what would you advise please? I am thinking an e collar. Many thanks


Hi! My obedience trained dog has no history of biting but can be reactive. He was walking about 2ft behind me the other day when a bicycle passed has very closely. Before I knew it, the cyclist had stopped next to me with a tooth indentation (skin broken) above his ankle. My dog didn’t bark or lunge so I didn’t even realize it had happened until after. Can I treat it as a once off incident or should I be walking him with a muzzle all the time now?

Madison H

I have a 10 week old Mal and 3 indoor cats. I have been keeping them separated mostly, but if she sees them she will chase them and paw at them or stand on top of them. What should I be doing now to make sure she respects their space as she gets older? I don’t want to unknowingly reinforce bad behaviors. I haven’t been using corrections since she is so young, just limiting their interactions.


Hi Robert & Janet, we have a 9 month old Belgian Groenendael x Staghound puppy. She is very smart and picks up on her training very quickly. The one thing we struggle with is her excitement when meeting a dog. She will lie down till the dog comes close and then lunge forward (when on leash). She is not aggressive or reactive in any way but simply loves to play with dogs. What can we do to shift her focus away? How do we set her up for success when meeting dogs in a calmer manner?

John D

I have a 6 month old German Shepard that consistently grabs stuff off the kitchen counters. How can I correct the behavior?


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Cabral, Hello! My 10 month old Mal barks like crazy whenever I get on the phone (which isn’t often, but it’s usually important ). Do you have tips on how to discourage this? I am thinking of pretending to be on the phone and then just ignoring the behavior consistently, and then rewarding her if she’s quiet. Thank you for your help. Everything you recommend seems to be working very well for us!

Stephen A

I’ve had a couple of times in the lobby of my building when my dog yelped out of no where and this last time I know I had the transmitter off. Dogtra says it could be someone using their own 1900s nearby or some transmission of a mobile radio. Have you ever experienced this problem, could it be caused by the fur saver somehow contacting the prongs of the e-collar? Not liking the e-collar too much and this disturbs me. Are the Martin collars individually coded to the transmitter? Thx

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