Member Questions 6-29-24

Lori P

We are having trouble understanding crate training, and have several questions. We watched your video on crate training you black lab. Do we only give treats inside the crate when we are in the house? If so, how do we train her to sit, stay etc in the house, if only good things are given in the crate? Our ACD is a shelter dog and is Ok with being in the crate, but we are not crate savvy. We have been asking her to “crate” while we eat supper – which she mostly does, but the rest of the time, she is out and about in the house. Should we require her to sleep in her crate at night?


Hi Robert. My 2.5 yr old Mal turned into an amazing dog. The main issue that we

can’t fix even with trainers is this: when strangers want to pet him, he wags his tail and excitedly goes to them, but as soon as they start petting him, within about 3-5 seconds he stops wagging, growls and snaps at them. The transition is too fast to stop. He has done this multiple times, but has never actually bitten. A bigger problem: he does that even with visiting family. It takes months of continuous visits for him to warm up to anyone. Occasionally he even growls at my partner. Vets are afraid. Can you help?

Bill M

Hi Robert, I posted this last week, but I think there was 2 Bill M’s…so it looked like 2 questions from one person. New Mal coming soon. What else do I need day one? 1).Crate – (still undecided for a starter crate.. plastic or wire? 2).Water bowls – The kind I can also use in place and rear end training 3). Martingale collar 4). 2 leads – one short (6 ft) for in the house, another long (15ft) maybe slip lead for outside training. 5). Kongs for crate training 6). Flirt pole and tug toy 7. platform bed/cot – 7). food pouches for training. Any other recommendations? Thanks! Bill

Christa T

This isn’t so much a question but a message to all dog owners that would mean so much coming from you: PLEASE learn basic first aid in case of an emergency! Our dog, Buddy, age 3 1/2 y (Mal/Dutchie), died after choking on a regular sized Chuck-It ball 3 wks ago while we were playing; the same ball we had played fetch with for the last 3 years. I tried the Heimlich Maneuver & CPR but it was too far back & lodged in his throat. We’re absolutely, completely devastated. While we have 911 to call for humans, our pets rely on their people to help them in emergencies. Be prepared.


My 3-year-old GSD has been working through dog reactivity. Another trainer I worked with has described him as anxious around other dogs, he’s a bit nervy. The other day we were walking and a loose pit bull ran up and started attacking my dog’s legs. My dog ended up getting a hold of the top of the pitbull’s head and just held onto him which stopped the pit bull from doing anything. Luckily that was it and we were able to separate them. This was the first time my dog was attacked as well as the first time he put his mouth on another dog. How should I move forward with training and walks?


Thank you for all your hard work. Much appreciated. I have a 2.5 uncut Terv Male incredibly affectionate and lovely dog. When we sit together especially after playing fetch (which is often) he becomes obsessed with licking and mouthing my forearm and/or nibbling on my clothes. He stops licking and mouthing when told to stop but has to be told. It isn’t an excess energy issue as it happens after strenuous play time. This is so not a problem – I’m just curious – what is this about if anything? Thanks again guys!

Andrew H

I have reserved a female Mal that has just been born However, I am away on holiday until the start of September. The breeder has agreed to keep her until then. She will be 10/11 weeks old. Will this be a good age to start training or should I wait for another litter? TIA

Tommy A

Hello Robert and family.

I have started looking for a second malinois. I expect the willingness and drive to guard and confront is going to be stronger with two dogs. My malinois is a mix of mondioring and knpv dogs she is sweet but serious. I am looking for a male who would be a good match for her. I think this will need to be a strong dog with high drive. This will not happen this year, I got time to wait for the right dog. I am used to multiple dogs and high drive. But not multiple malinois, I have only had mine for 2.5 years. Your thoughts and advice would be appreciated.


What do you think it is in a dog that makes them willing to maul/kill their own family? I understand dogs attacking strangers, but the ones when they attack their own family get me. Do you think it is always genetic to some degree? *Seems* like a genetically sound dog would never do such a thing but maybe? Do you think good training can compensate for bad genetics or only mask them with a high risk of an eventual attack? If a had a power breed dog from the shelter; unknown genetics, but I’m a decent trainer and the dog is absolutely amazing for like 3 yrs. Can I ever really trust that dog?

Kenneth K

Gunner is 2 years old and when we are playing he will get excited and start to jump up and bite at hands and even face sometimes. I try to correct by telling him no and putting him into the side position and saying NO. But he doesn’t seem to be getting better. Mainly worried about my 4 year old daughter getting hurt. What more should I do to try to correct it? I know he’s just excited and wants to play but I don’t want it to get worse or an accident to happen. Thank you!


Hi, we got a 3 year old female st.bernard in at the shelter. Don’t know her background. When you take her out of her kennel she will pull so hard and fight through all the kennels as you try to get to the yard. She has pulled people down. Only a few people can take her out. I walked her away from the shelter and she did okay next to another dog. If we got real close she would lunge. What would you do with this dog? How much work would you put into this? Thank you!

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