Member Questions 6-8-24

Joan M

Why is it that so many people have reactive dogs? How are we failing them? (myself included despite having owned, trained and competed for decades). Have my first GSD and is a Porsche in comparison to my other Chevys. Some mistakes along the way but thanks to you and trainers like you that I am making progress. BTW, my introduction to you came at my darkest hour with my dog in the form of your Podcast with Larry Krohn. My heros. Thanks

Carol W

I’ve been doing training for 4 years, but we are not progressing and she’s ignoring more. Very good focused, help me develop a plan. Also she’s developed food allergies. Thank you.


My 2-year old working-line GSD was raised and trained using Cabral videos and web site. He’s not bad. I am adopting her 14-week old step-brother from her mother’s litter as a favor to its previous owner. My intact female has had false pregnancies (nesting, etc.) after her semi-annual heat cycles. My female GSD has similar reactivity and personality as your Maya from what I have observed from videos and shelter course. Given Schmuley’s adoption timing, what should we be concerned about when introducing this puppy into our home and did everything go smooth with Schmuley, Maya, and Goofy?


my boy has a pretty good response to the e collar. he comes running when he feels the stim and i always reward with toy or food. hes about a level 5 -6 depending on situation / drive and his correction level around 7-8. Even though he knows how to respond to the stimulation he sometimes just stands there looking at me like “wtf do i do?” i never put it above 8 in case the contacts arent on his skin properly (as you explained) so ive gone ahead and bought better and more contact points which I’m waiting on. What you recommend here? Is he pushing through it or just not feeling it? Thank you.


We have a working line GSD, 3 months old. He was very bitey (as to be expected) from 8 weeks old. However now he never bites me, (I do all the hand feeding and training with him so that’s probably why he respects me more), but he bites my partner at every interaction with him. He has tried pushing his hand into his mouth to no avail. I’ve suggested that he also does some hand feeding and training as I think Rio is far too welded to me but he doesn’t have much spare time unfortunately. Any suggestions on how to stop the biting as my partner finds it difficult to bond with him because of it?


Hi Robert.Our 12 month old Kelpie x started strong pulling when on walks around 10 months old. Prior, he wasn’t what I would call a strong puller, he would walk on my left on a loose lead comfortably. He then began pulling to the point he is paddling in the air regardless of his walking environment. Why, I’m unsure – could it be an age thing? He’s nearly 20kg, I’m 60kg so walks are now exhausting for me. My question – how do I train him not to pull on walks, while also ensuring he has enough daily exercise given his breed to prevent him getting frustrated from lack of exercise while training?

Tommy A

Hello to you and your family Robert.

My dog Mills the malinois finished a 9 day hike and fishing trip this Friday. On one day we were walking on a narrow ridge between two small lakes and I stopped to adjust my backpack. Mills was walking off leash behind me since this is the best way to navigate the challenging terrain. She suddenly started growing, she had her nose just 2 inches from a poisonous snake. I gave her a Sharp NO and she aborted the pursuit of the snake. Do you think e- collar work on a different snake, a non poisonous on will be sufficient or is the scent picture too specific.

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