Member Questions 7-26-22


Hi! I’ve got a 6-month-old male Mali, he has recently started to disobey the recall and this is becoming problematic as he likes to “aggressively” chase other dogs at the park. 

He’s never lashed out and bitten any dog, but I’m sure this eventually will happen. 

I’ve been thinking about reinforcing the recall by getting him started on e-collar training: I’m not sure if this will snap him out of the chase, as he knows very well that I’m asking him to stop and come to me, but he chooses not to.

Monica B

What do you think of an invisible fence? We are renters and our fence isn’t the greatest. Sadly, even though the yard is enclosed, a determined pup can find a way. My 6-mo Mini Aussie doesn’t seem too intent on escaping but we want to make sure she is safe. Is there a training method that would work better?

Lorry H

I have a 10 week old malinois who loves to use her maligator teeth on me and everything,can you calm this down without ruining their drive?


2y old recently neutered GSD is reacting to passing and off leash dogs approaching. In UK lots of small off leash dogs, always running up, impossible to avoid. He’s fine with some, but not others, mostly young ones. He’ll growl, they lay on their backs and he will attempt to stand over them and growl, he never bites. I correct and walk away. This is not getting any better. I need a training plan, ideally to have him remain calm and calmly walk away. Always on leash. Obedience each day.

Lupe B

My bordoodle is 20 months old and has slept in his kennel since 9 weeks old without any problems. My question is, how long should he be crated for? What are the long term benefits, versus letting him sleep wherever he wants in the house? Thank you!

Suzanna C

Hi Robert. Thanks for the opportunity to ask questions. Appreciated A LOT!!! When is it okay to let my dog off-lead to freely run around? Isn’t it cruel never letting him off when in the fields/beach? If I don’t have a treadmill, how can I make sure he gets enough exercise? Thank you!!!


I have started training my 8 week old pug. I’ve watched many of your videos and you’ve mentioned several times that you prefer a collar to a harness. I’ve read that brachycephalic breeds should avoid collars because of potential breathing problems. Should I use a harness or a collar when walking and training my Pug. Thanks!


Hi Robert & Janet, 

I have a 20 month old bordoodle. He does great on a prong collar at my side on runs and walks. My question is, when he has a flat collar on, he pulls. I’m ok with using the prong, but how long will I be using it until he finally stops pulling on a flat collar? Btw, if I say side, he comes back to my side on a flat collar, but he pushes the boundaries on a flat collar. 

Thank you!

Loretta P

Hi, I have a 5 month old black lab that is an amazing combination of soft and confident. He loves training, learns super fast, and is extremely food motivated. He has legs like springs. I am for sure going to train him to advanced obedience, but can you suggest anything else I should work on with him? At what age can he start jumping?

Konstantin M

Our malinois female 3.5 months puppy seems to show signs of aggression towards our children and mother in law. She tries to defend her food with growling or try to bite when her food/snack is taken away. What lesson would you recommend to watch about aggression towards people and how to deal with early signs of it or with domination attempts. Thank you.


Robert, my 7mo Mal got his foot stuck between the bars as he was entering the cage, twisted it, and was yelping loudly. I was right behind him, but as I tried to free his foot, he bit my hand hard. I yelled NO and tried to free him again, and got bitten again on my other hand. Luckily I was able to free him with little damage to his foot, but both of my hands got punctured/broken skin. My lab would never do this, but is this just expected from the breed and if so, is there any training I can do?


Dear Mr. & Mrs. Cabral, This is embarrassing, but I was lax on training my 11 month old Mal the last 6 weeks (was sick for 3 wks, but no excuse). Now, if she doesn’t feel like doing something, she hides, grabs food off of the counter, won’t obey consistently & won’t play fetch, even with 2 ball method. Family just laughs at us. Is there hope, or have I ruined her training? Will try simple commands, 10 min, 2 times a day if not too late. Thx for being a beacon of sanity in this crazy world


Hi Robert – Are you able to recommend a particular safety harness to use when I have my dog in the car with me? I watched the Car Safety video (both parts) but did not see a link or recommendation included for crash tested harnesses. 

Thank you

Damien N

We recently got a new German Shepard puppy named Zeus. He is 4 months old and he constantly is eating his poop. We always stop him from eating his poop when he goes outside but during the night in his crate there never any poop in the morning and we are concerned that he is eating it during the night. Any suggestions for how to prevent him from eating his poop during the night while in his kennel?


Hi Robert, Hi Janet. Today, my question is sudden change of dynamic between my mal Tobby and Jack Russell Daisy. With heat wave in France, we have not gone out as often as we used to and we stayed indoor with an air condition. Suddenly, Daisy is overly resource guarding her chewing cow skin & Tobby is suddenly biting & ripping everything. Both are too agressive to each other & to me. Will this fade out once resumes activities? is it Tobby’s 6 months hormones? Daisy is neutered so why crazy?


Would you reccomended a harness to train with?


Two weeks ago I rehomed Kyra, 7.5 years, Malinois female, straight from the military dog regiment in the UK. She’s been doing well for her first experience in a home environment and suburban outdoors. She has elbow dysplasia/arthritis which she is often visibly stiff from, we do daily physio & 3 x weekly meds for her. 

Great drive still and I’ve taught her an indoors ‘go find’ job which she really loves. Can you suggest other brain games/gentle obedience for her happy retirement? Many thanks!

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