Member Questions – 7/27/21

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Our 9 month old Groenendaeler pulls hard during walks, especially now that he has become an adolescent and his hormones go wild. This makes the walks very unpleasant. We have tried to train loose leash walking early on but were unsuccesfull, even after further tips. Do we keep trying to train loose leash walking or is it better to try again after the adolescent phase? At the moment the walks are a struggle and no fun for anybody.


I cant figure out how to get my 9mo GSD mix to relax when Im petting her.Since we live on a farm our dogs live outdoors(my parents choice, not mine)so they are not constantly cuddling with us indoors, rather they run around with us outside all the time. I can easily put my dog in a down and she will stay there calmly until I release her, but if I get down on her level and start petting her she starts wiggling around and getting excited. Do I simply need to pet her more often,or do something else


Hi Robert. I have been working on dog reactivity utilizing your videos with my 5 month old GSD pup, Kai. He has been working well with obedience and loose leash walking without too many distractions around. However, goes crazy with other dogs in view. Speaking with his breeder, she recommended I start him on a prong collar. He is currently training with a Mighty Paw Nylon Martingale. Is it too early to transition to a prong? Would a modified nylon/chain martingale be better? Thank you.


Hi again from Ontario, Canada! First wanted to say how much I enjoyed your podcast with Avi Cohen. So good! My Question: Made the mistake of over socializing puppy with ppl/dogs walking in my area early on (got bad advice). Now he thinks he gets to meet every dog and pulls me like crazy. I try get his attention (food toy or command) but short of pulling him (he’s on a martingale) he will not focus. Or he will for a second but goes right back. It’s making walks stressful. 4.5 month basset hound.


Hi Robert! Thank you for everything you do. I have a 6-MO Vizsla puppy. I’m hoping you can help me with some troubleshooting. Lately when I ask my puppy Down, she comes to me first and lies down in front of me. How can I teach her that down means down where she’s at, not where I’m at? I’m just a few feet away at most. I would eventually like to teach her down on recall and it won work if she comes to me for a down. It doesn’t happen with her sits or stands, by the way.


My dogs are so freaking happy after we started following your advice. Thank you so much! Question: When you move your training to areas of greater distraction do you correct the dog for not paying attention and not executing behaviors or do you go back to luring? Does it make a difference if it is an adult or a younger dog?

Cathy M

Hello Robert, I have a 7 month old GSD. My problem is that whenever I sit to watch a movie in the evening my pup will constantly jump up on my lap with her front paws demanding my attention. When I say no and put her paws down she repeats the behavior. If I crate her she barks. How do I correct this behavior? She also follows me everywhere I go in the house. She sleeps fine overnight in her crate away from me or when I have to leave the house. Thank you

Yasu F

I’m getting a large dog (Belgian Tervuren), what’s your opinion on traveling (by flight) with a large dog in the cargo. If the dog is crate trained, will he be safe and fine after the trip? Or would it cause him to be scared of traveling?


Neighbor is just now introducing their 5 mo GSD puppy to a leash. He is fine dragging it, but as soon as you pick it up he throws a fit, bucking and pulling. How do you get through this initial phase to be able to start working with luring and later leash pop corrections? There is no brain there when he goes into his puppy hysterics. Thank you!


My 5 year old German Shepherd has 0 toy drive, moderate food drive, and doesn’t have much drive when it comes to training. However, she has diabetes, so I have to be careful regarding her food intake. I want to build up more drive in her to train, but I can’t have her skip meals to bring up her food drive. Do you have any recommendations?


Hey Robert! My mal, Loki, is now a year old and I wanted to ask if you think it’s too late to start him in bitework? He loves tug with his rope so I figured transitioning to a sleeve might be pretty smooth. Also I wanted to ask if you know of any good resources to start learning more about bitework and how to do it. Thank you so much!

Naomi K

Is it a good idea to take my dog reactive 1 yo GSD mix to outside of a dog park to work on her reactivity? She was making progress after I started using a prong collar, but these days we hardly see another dog on our walks. And when we see one, she’s started reacting again. I don’t have friends with nice dogs to work with. If I work with my dog outside of a dog park, how long should one session be? Thanks for your advice.


My 7 mo male mal while on leash in heel unpredictably will come around the front of your body to bite you. Receives correction on correction collar may come in harder for another grab. Not until you hold him away from you, with steady pressure (almost choke) does he give up. He has not got skin yet but last night was close, lunging higher on body now. Train with working dog trainer privately 1x a week. Daily he gets 3, 5-10 min training and 2 – 20 min lunge line walking sessions in a field. Steps?

Cory & Lisa – Question from community

Ok I have no idea where to post this. Sorry my 7 month old female Mal has started attacking (unprovoked lunges and biting several (our family) people. This just started after taking her on vacation for 2 weeks. She has had resource guarding issues in the past but we seemed to have passed this with the help of a Experienced police K9 handler. While on vacation she started to become more aggressive towards everyone but my wife. She attacked my 17 year old who was being somewhat obnoxious. Nice surface bite with deep gouges. Went after (was restrained) my 19 year old daughter who was petting her. Dog jumped on the counter and l took bacon, wife screamed, I yelled at dog and it attacked me, several punctures and stitches.

A week later playing with wife, dog thought I was hurting her I believe, attacked and bit me again. 14 year old son was bit twice today as he was eating with my wife. Dog lunged unprovoked. I had time with the dog and trained the dog today. No problem. Yup nice my wife came home you could see the dogs attitude change. Dog seems very unstable and really seems like it just started since vacation. We have owned the dog since she was 8 weeks. My wife and I are very active run, walk, bike ect. We have a routine of training the dog everyday through commands and exercises. Now when we were on vacation she was not exercised as much. Kinda lost and need the means on correcting the dogs behavior. Maybe the dog is coming into heat? Really lost atm and desperately want to save her.

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