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7 months Laizhou hong (high drive working dog )is very nervous (backyard breeder, bad socialization and taken early from his mom). We got him at 9 weeks. From day 1 we started socialization. New thing he does: he is barking out of the sudden without any reason (i.e. he is resting & suddenly barks in the air. We correct him (staying calm + say no). The dog stops barking but still is showing stress signs (quick breathing). After a few minutes he settles. Also he is very alert to every small sound. Do you have tips, other than socialization and create training etc.etc.? Thanks in advance Robert!

Lexy and Todd

Hi Robert, my fiance and I recently acquired 2 11 week old Belgian malinois puppies. I have 3 nieces and nephews, (8, 3, & 1) who come over fairly often. We know not to let the little ones near the puppies at the moment but would like to eventually get them acclimated to kids(noise and chaos) as we would like them to be comfortable with children and loud sounds. We also would like to have kids ourselves in the next couple years and would like to make sure they are comfortable in that environment. What do you recommend we start doing and what should this look like over the next couple years?


Our dog is just over 12 months and we are getting into the swing of regular training. Liebe, a german Shepherd has had a change of behavior just before we are about to take her out. She pulls at my jacket forcefully and its been difficult to calm her down. We feel she is about to go on heat…is this change related to this…also as she gets on heat I’ve read that we need to slow down the training…is this the case?


I adopted a 5-mo GSD puppy from a remote friend. That friend is in town visiting. Would the puppy get mixed signals by seeing his previous owner, or is it best to let him settle in and continue bonding with me for a while before doing that?

Kenneth K

Robert, Since finding you I have become obsessed with your content and philosophy in training. Thank you and keep up the great work! I’ll do my best to keep it short. 1. I am moving in a year from Florida to West Virginia. Currently my dog has someone home with him and my mother’s Yorkie to keep him company while I am working. What suggestions can you give me to prepare him for being alone while I’m at work once I move? I do separate myself from him for a few hours at a time and in short burst but is there more I could do? Thank you!

Tommy A

Hello Robert and family.

As you maybe know I come from the world of sled dogs and hiking with dogs. There’s a lot of really bad information on the internet about equipment. What I often see is wrong harness, wrong type and wrong size. The same with dog backpacks. Would you be willing to get some good information out. You have a large number of followers and I think it would make a difference. I see people who have good intentions but need some guidance. I have seen many videos of dogs on treadmills which I basically like but unfortunately with an incorrect harness. Best regards from Norway


Hi Robert, when I was walking my 4 year old Amstaff, a male husky ran out of their house off leash and attacked my dog. My dog is very friendly, and always had good experiences with dogs so he initially thought the dog was going to play not attack. Now he is a little on guard with bigger male dogs if they have excited energy towards him as they pass by on a walk in the neighborhood, he may freeze up or stare so its hard to get his attention off them & on me. What can I do to help him overcome this? Will he always be a little on guard since this happened to him? How can I break his attention?


I’ve been watching your videos, and I understand that the directional change is one of the best things for teaching a dog to keep up with you. I’ve been trying that, but I get major vertigo issues, to the point where my dog has to come to my aid to ensure I don’t fall over (which I mean is good, but it’s not what I’m wanting to train). How would someone do something similar until I build up enough obedience that I’m not turning around every 4 feet so I can start actually doing the turns? I have also been feeding him treats from between my lips, and it has been good in getting more engagement.

Jesse C

My rescue mal has recently started demand barking. When she wants engagement or wants her ball etc. We’ve had a week of 90 – 100 degree weather so she isn’t getting as much physical activity. I don’t really want this to become a permanent habit, would you recommend we ignore, redirect to something else or correct when she demand barks?


Any thoughts on leaving a puppy at home for 6 hours for just a day? Should he/she be okay on a play pen that long?

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