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Hi, I have a 1.5 year old Mal who used to do really well around kids. However around 7 months a child ran out of the bushes while on a walk and yanked my dogs tail aggressively while screaming. He used to let kids come up to say hi, but since he’s favoring adults more and gets a bit stand-offish with young ones. I don’t let every one say hi to him, he’s known to be pleasant and friendly. When kids ask to pet, I simply say “not today”. He’s good with kids inside our home, but not public.


Hi Robert, my 5 month old German shepherd is doing great. However, he has a strong reluctance to getting in the car. When I brought him home from the breeder at 8.5 weeks, he was extremely anxious the entire two hour drive, and the other two times I had him in the vehicle he was also nervous and vomited. I am lined up to start schutzhund training with him soon and am looking for any suggestions on how to get him comfortable and in the vehicle.


I have been introducing a muzzle since his 4 months age. I did it slowly with lots of treats and when he was wearing it in the begining I made him run with muzzle on in our garden and trying to take it us fun. After all of this he is constantly scrubing his nose toward the floor/trees, trying to remove muzzle. I correct it and I pay him when he is not doing it. His body language seems gloomy-sad and he does not care about correction via prong or words. How to make him to wear a muzzle nicely?


Hi, my daughter has an 8 month old GS, high energy dog. We have been doing some of your training with him. Our yard is big and surrounded by a chain link fence.. lots of distractions. He was fine with our neighbors’ 4 children playing on the yard next door when he was younger, now he starts barking and jumping towards the fence. Do I need to have him on a long line at all times? or simply put him in the house or away of that situation? Thanks.

Daniel G

Hey Robert, I have a 20 week puppy. Her training was coming along nicely but now my 4 year old son wants to be involved. Of course, I want the dog playing and enjoying my son, but it seems to be adding an unbearable distraction to her training. Should I never do any obedience training with him around until she has it mastered? Also, should I allow him to give her commands?


Thank you for all your great content. I watched your video Growling dogs need Training video. I was wondering what is the best way to address growling? Our GSD has never growled at people but occasionally will do it with our older dog when passing in the hall or through doorways in the house. I’ve been handling it by sternly saying HEY and then immediately sending both dogs outside or by moving the younger one away from the old dog. Is this ok to do or will I be creating a future problem?

Hayley D

We have a Belgian Mal mix puppy. Unfortunately we started attempting to crate train before I came across your content. I’ve gone back and followed your content on crate training. Currently she will go into the crate with no issues, that is along as we are within sight. The moment we are out of view she freaks out, cry’s, and barks for hours on end. I’ve tried Kong and toys in her crate but nothing seems to be work. we try not to let her out when she barking and such, but she never stops.

Mark M

I have a female Malinois that I brought home a week before COVID. Due to the timing and our particular area, not only was she not socialized but we weren’t able to get her a trainer. No trainers currently in my area. Danielle is very wary of strangers including a houseguest we have had for over a month. I have been unable to control her. My houseguest is not willing to meet my dog for training purposes until I have full control. She is trainable, and has been identified as fear agg. Help


3yo Dalmation, working lines, very little training. She is super-hyper and has a hard time focusing on even high value treats. When she does focus, if she doesn’t get treat within a second or so, she gets distracted again. We are starting her in a quiet room and I put her in a corner where she had limited movement options. I’m rewarding any focus and also “sit” (which she kind of knows). Any other suggestions I can give the owner?


My 12 week old Belgian shepherd poops in his crate every time I close the door, and I tried to let home cry it out but me want stop. I made the crate little , then I made it bigger. I had to go out by myself and left him in the crate for 1 1/2 hours , he cried the whole time and pooped and peed whole I was watching my house camera. Please help , what can I do to crate train him


In your videos I’ve heard you say you don’t use the command “leave it” to instruct a dog to ignore another dog. I’m curious as to why and in what instance would you use it? Would you not use “leave it” with wildlife such as squirrels, deer, etc?


Hi Janet and Robert hope you are doing well. I have a 1 year old Mal and I feel his obedience is pretty solid. Sit, Stand, Stay, Down, Recall etc. I reward him with treats for all these commands each and every time. Should I fade out the treats and if so when? 

Thanks for everything.

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