Member Questions 9-9-22

Gene G

Years ago entered an issue with a dog in the computer you popped. Watched Bound Angels Vids as well training videos. Read your books. You were so DYNAMIC in your presentations I became a member. I completed the Shelter Course recently it was FANTASTIC. So glad I will have this as a referral in futures years. Do lots of shelter work with ten percenters. A few that got out Harmony Scarlet Hank Vegas Maxine Stella Moose Holly Nemo. Many Thanks. My question Can I hang with you & Janet if I go to CA?


I have a 21-week-old Blue Heeler. I definitely know that nipping is a common quirk with puppies, and ESPECIALLY a Heeler thing, so I am aware that it is normal for her to nip. However, I want to be able to get it under control. How should I approach this?

Neal D

I now realize my 18 month old gsd who is ok, has developed separation anxiety. I haven’t been 2 the gym during the pandemic, my classes have mostly been online. I constantly am worried about leaving my dog by himself even though there is a sitter/house caretaker. I still don’t require 2 b out more than 3-4 hrs. There is a cam in the room too. But I am still worried about doors being left open & he will get out, commands being used excessively etc. Walk train play in park b4 I leave. I know its silly. Tips


6 month old Mal that we have had 1 week. She is extremely afraid of the car. She won’t even walk within 10 feet of it. I don’t know why she has this fear. Can you help her overcome this fear? Thank you.


How do I get my 6 month old labradoodle to urinate and/or defecate outside of our yard.

Mark W

Hi Robert, when I walk my puppy she always wants to go in front, pull and lead me. Should I change directions and head in the opposite direction?


My Weimaraner puppy is 8 month olds. We moved to apartment recently. He is not crated. He always barks at the noises outside from other dogs, construction site & whenever the doorbell rings. When I take him outside, he seldom barks at other dogs face to face or any loud noises. Even after a long walk, he still barks at the outside noises at home. I would like to train him to stop barking using e-collar. I have just introduced him the e collar. Could you give me some guidance? Thanks.


Hi Robert & Janet, I am writing because I have a ball obsessed 2 YO mini aussie. At first, I thought she just really loved fetch but now it seems if there is a ball in sight she can not relax. She will whine, cry, and paw at me until I throw the ball for her. How can I break her of this obsession? Thanks for all the wonderful content you provide!


As a general guide, dogs with dog – dog reactivity, how often would you recommend walking them out on the streets to get them more socialized?


Hey Robert – Unfortunately last week my Mal/GSD mix and I were attacked by an off leash dog. It was pretty awful but luckily we both only had minor injuries with me getting the worst of it. I was bit on the leg and hand several times. During the attack my instinct was to protect my dog and try to get between them. Now I am thinking I should’ve just let my dog defend himself. Might have been safer for both of us. Please advise on what to do if this happens again. Tho I pray it does not!


Hey Robert, I was helping a friend bathe her small schnauzer-mix rescue dog. He normally is not aggressive. However, as she put him in the bathtub with water he started to growl & show teeth. Finally, he bit her on the hand, while I was trying to give him chicken to distract him from the bath. Do you have any suggestions on how to correct this behavior. I’m thinking we moved way to fast and should have read his warning signs- Thanks!

Monica O

Buttercup is a 2year female chow. She was never fearful of people until she recently had several eye surgeries. Now she is reluctant of strangers. I breed chows and I am familiar with their temperament, but I have never had one regress before. I have been taking her out to the moderately public place, asking strangers to give her treats. She takes the treat, but backs away when they try and touch her. Not sure how to progress? force her to be handled or have people give her treats?


Hi, Strong reaction to seeing dogs or barks on tv. I have been desensitizing for a while with little success. How to correct this? Thank you


Hi. From your vid “hold, part 1” I understand this is the way to teach a soft mouth hold. Would you also advise to train it this way with a GSD that is in IGP or do you teach that in a different manner? At our club the hold is usually taught trough (prey drive type) play with the dumbell, but I have the idea that this might cause gnawing on the dumbell in future. Thanks in advance, and I love your video’s!

Naomi K

Hello Robert & Janet. My GSD still gets mouthy when she gets excited. I don’t move my hand when she puts my hand in her mouth. I do impulse control training to teach her on and off, which she loves and does well. When she tries to initiate play by mouthing me, I send her to her crate for 5,10min till she settles. She turned 2 in July. Is this normal for 2 yo GSD? Should I correct her mouthing more strongly? I believe she has enough mental/physical exercise every day. Thanks for your advice.


Can a 10 week old puppy show aggression? We rescued our first Mal and are working on finding a trainer. But the past two days when I have been hand feeding and doing some luring she will be halfway through her meal she will start barking and jumping/lunging. I don’t know if it’s aggression/reactivity or normal puppy behavior?

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