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Any dog, any breed, any temperament will succeed with my training system. Training is about building a bond with your dog and with my lessons you will be able to accomplish just that.

Lesson categories designed for you to succeed.

With over 130 lessons immediately available for new members, it can be overwhelming knowing where to start. Intro categories combine Robert’s most important lessons for beginners and new members. We promise these courses will help you become a better trainer.

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Ask Me Anything
Members Only

All members have the ability to submit any training related question to be answered. I answer every question in video format that's uploaded twice a week in the members only section.

Access my archive of member AMA videos and hear hundreds of answered questions about behavior issues, guidance on specific situations, etc. Have the knowledge to fix issues before you face them.

Join The Lesson
Video Series

Members get special access to my full length Join The Lesson video series. These lessons feature me working with crazy puppies, dogs with leash issues, untrained dogs, reactive dogs, etc.

These videos are great for people who don't have much experience in dealing with certain types of behaviors and want to see how I deal with these situations.


Send email with ID to info[at] for details. Discount is only available on the Yearly Membership.

Sneak Peek of What's Inside

Watch some quick preview videos of my full length training lessons that I offer inside the members only section.

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Online Dog Training

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Plus our iPhone/Android app will be releasing soon and free for all members.

Membership perks

Not only do you get access to ALL MY PRIVATE LESSONS – members also get the amazing perks below. Including unique profiles, track the completion of a lesson, take notes while watching a lesson, and access to our members only community dog training forums!



Create a unique profile when you become a member

Track Lessons

Track Lessons

Track progress on what lessons you've completed

Group Forums

Group Forums

Participate in our member community forums

Take Notes

Take Notes

Take notes while you watch video lessons

Start training today and build a better relationship with your dog. Guaranteed!

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Try Robert’s training system RISK FREE. If you don’t love his training videos – reach out to us within 3 days of signing up and receive a full refund.


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All Memberships Include:

Memberships have auto renew turned on by default. This locks in your sign up price for the life of your membership even if rates increase in price. Auto renew can be turned off at anytime within your account settings.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you don’t love my members only dog training videos and membership perks, you can request a full refund within the first 72 hours of activating your membership. I’m confident that you will build a better relationship with your dog through my training lessons.

Not Interested in a Membership?

Our New Courses Might Be For You

You can now purchase a course without needing to sign up for a membership if you desire. Select a course below to view the details and lessons that’s included with each course.

*Bonus Content – Get Robert’s Most Common Questions course for free with the purchase of any course above.

Active Members: The lessons included in the courses are already available in your membership plan. There is no need to purchase a course. Visit the Lessons Page and select the corresponding category.

Frequently Asked Questions


Both Memberships auto renew so you don’t lose member access.

Yearly Membership will auto renew at the monthly price after the year has expired. You can turn this off in your account at time. We did this so you don’t have a surprise $129 bill next year you might have no planned for.

Monthly Membership will auto renew on the date you sign up every month. You can turn this off in your account the at any time.


There is no fee for canceling a monthly membership. You can cancel anytime without worry.

Yearly Memberships also do NOT have a fee to cancel but that is not a concern for any of our yearly members as they purchased that plan to save money and be here a while.


You will get instant access to all member lessons, courses and community features right away after signing up. Instant access to all member content.

Yes, please read below.

We offer a refund if it is within the first 3 days of becoming a member and you have not activated more than 3 member lessons on your account.

Due to the nature of a membership site, you get instant access to all the member content on the site so we do not want people abusing the system and gaining access to the knowledge Robert has worked hard to provide his members.


You can upgrade a monthly plan to a yearly plan at any point without any fees.

If you change to the yearly plan in the middle of the month, you will receive a prorated discount when purchasing the Yearly Membership.


The only difference is Yearly Members save $50 through the course of a year’s worth of monthly membership cost.

Both memberships get instant access to all lessons, courses and member features.

Gift Membership

Select either the Yearly or Monthly membership and after inputting your name and email, check the box that says “is this a gift”. Then finish selecting the payment method and purchase the membership.

After your purchase confirmation, a pop-up will appear asking you the name and email of the recipient who will receive the gift. You can also add a Custom Note to the gift message.

No – a gifted membership will not auto renew since the plan is purchased with your money and not theirs.

Monthly membership expires 30 days after the gift is activated.

Yearly membership expires 365 days after the gift is activated.

The recipient will be reminded in an email a few days before their membership expires and they can choose to add their own payment method if they wish to continue.

There will be a custom link sent to the email of the recipient, open the email and click on the link.

It will take you to the registration page to make a member account and that’s it.

The recipient of the gifted membership can activate and start the membership on any date they want. The effective time of the membership will not start until they activate their gifted membership.

For example:

You purchase a gift membership on August 3rd but the recipient doesn’t activate the gift until September 15. Their month of membership will start on September 15 and expire 30 day later.

No need to worry. A copy of the special referral link is stored in the account that was used to send the gift.

An account is automatically created for you when you purchase the gift if you are not already a member. The special link can be accessed and sent from there at any time. You can also resend the gift email from your account as well.

No – the payment method you used will not be seen nor stored on the gift recipients account.

What our members are saying

What our members are saying

About Robert Cabral

Robert is a canine behavior specialist whose work has helped dogs all over the world. His theories & techniques are used by animal shelters throughout the US in dealing with difficult dogs and helping to make them more adoptable. These techniques are responsible for saving the lives of countless thousands of dogs. He has trained, handled and evaluated thousands of dogs through his work with Bound Angels, helping shelters save countless dogs throughout the USA.

Robert has titled, trained and competed in various dog sports including: IPO, Mondio Ring and AKC Obedience. Because of his understanding and compassion for dogs, he is considered one of the top dog trainers anywhere. He is a problem solver for even the most complex canine behavior issues.

Bound Angels

Helping Shelters Save More Lives

Robert’s work with Bound Angels teaches animal shelter employees, management and volunteers to better understand the behavior of dogs that often causes them to be killed. For over 12 years Robert has taught his life-saving program through the L.A. City Animal shelters and throughout the US, having reached hundreds of people and thousands of dogs.

Bound Angels is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that provides life-saving resources to municipal shelters, humane societies, SPCA’s and rescues nationwide.