Banning Dog Training Tools – Prong Collars, Treadmills, E-Collars, Flirt Poles – Podcast Episode 47

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Banning dog training tools is very common in many countries and hopefully the USA won’t follow suit. Recently the AKC stepped in to support dogs and dog trainers when a municipality was trying to ban some tools very commonly used to train dogs (flirt poles and treadmills) when it was incorrectly stated that these tools are used for training dogs to fight. That might be the case, but these tool are also used to train dogs in many other capacities. Dog food is used to feed dogs who fight, we certainly can’t outlaw dog food in hopes to eradicate dog fighting.

I discuss this in detail in this podcast as well as other things. Also fun and informative… Join my if you really love dogs and what’s best for them!

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