Breeding the Best German Shepherds – Episode 102

If you want to know about German Shepherds, you want to talk to an expert. In Germany this is called a Körmeister. This person is an authority on breeding. Johannes Grewe is a Körmeister and Avi and I ask some tough questions on the topic of showline and working line German Shepherds.

The questions of what makes for a good German Shepherd and what dogs should we be breeding is always at the top of everyone’s list. Talking with Johannes is talking to one of the foremost experts on the breed. Johannes has bred, trained, judged and lived with German Shepherds for most of his life.

Avi and I get down to the serious issues. It’s a long podcast but we cover a lot of topics including the evolution of the angulated German Shepherd, the sports of IPO, IGP, Schutzhund… and so much more. **********

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Overall, this is one of the most informative videos you will ever see on the topic of working line and showline German Shepherds. Whether you LOVE the breed, are interested in buying a puppy or just want some really great information, this will be a valuable podcast for any lover of German Shepherds.

Johannes Grewe’s resume is simply amazing…
1964 Member of the SV and OG Dorsten 23
1969 President OG Dorsten 23
1970 Kennel Name “von den weissen Bergen”
1970 Graduated State Police Canine School
1972 Graduated as SV Youth Dog Evaluator
1974 SV Leistungsrichter License
1977 Founded OG Wulfen
1977 Stephanitz Urkunde by Dr. Runawael
1978 SV Forderabzeichen by Dr. Rummel
1981 Immigration to the USA
1981 Member of Schutzhund USA
1981 Resignation as SV Leistungsrichter
1983 WUSV European Champion Ship Belgium
1984 WUSV European Champion Ship Italy
1985 WUSV European Champion Ship Hungary
1986 North American Schutzhund Champion Ship
1987 Founded Sunland Schutzhund Club
1988 WUSV World Championship Germany
1990 Kennel Name “vom Sunland”
1993 Chairperson Regional SchH Championship
1993 Chairperson USA Siegershow
1993 Breeding Award “Born in the USA”
1995 Breeding Award “Born in the USA”
1995 Chairperson Regional Conformation Show
1995 Regional Breedwarden
1996 Breeding Award “Born in the USA”
1997 Chairperson USA Siegershow Served for 6 years at Board of USCA
1997 Appointed as first show judge for USCA Appointed in
2002 as IPO Judge for USCA Appointed as Koermeister for USCA Trial Chairman and director for the 2008 WUSV World Championship Event in Cincinnati

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