Aggressive and Reactive Dogs – How to Engage and Correct

Some call it aggression, others call it reactivity, leash reactivity..  It doesn’t matter what you call it, it’s just bad behavior.  Even something as simple as dominant play can lead to a host of problems with people and other dogs.

In this online dog training lesson we follow up on Will and Red who have made some great progress since the last time we saw them.  Today we’ll have Red meet Jimi.  Although it didn’t start out too well, the end result was truly amazing.  Red initially reacted as Will told me he would.  He got very riled up and lunged, growled and even tried to snap at the guy at the end of the leash.  Without the use of severe force, Red learned how to get his bad behavior under control and have good leash manners.

At the end of this session Red lied down a few feet away from Jimi with no more bad behaviors.  You’d never believe it looking at the promo video, but I can promise you at the end of this session Red had a very clear understanding how to behave and Will learned the skills that the owner of a dominant dog needs.

Giving your dog structure, corrections, engagement, training and the tools to survive while keeping other dogs and people safe is job #1!

The best part of all, this was done without any abusive techniques, no e-collar, no prong collar – NOTHING…  just a simple chain collar, a long line, some treats and a whole lotta dedication.

I think this is an awesome lesson for anyone who has (or trains) reactive / aggressive dogs!

Corrections for aggression / reactivity are not personal, they are clear!

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