Blocking Negative Behaviors with E-Collar

Using the e-collar to communicate with your dog in a big field environment can give you and your dog a great degree of freedom.  The main objective is to form a clear communication with your dog that is based on reward and relationship.

The main purpose for me in using an e-collar is to take the corrections away from me and place them on the dog for disobedience.  In other words, the dog should think that all things around me are sacred and safe, but disobeying me will cause a negative.  How the dog perceives a negative is critical.  If the dog thinks the correction is always coming from me, there’s a chance the dog will avoid me.  I want the dog to avoid mistakes NOT AVOID ME.

I consider the space around me and my dog as sacred.  Nothing should happen in that space that creates conflict and makes the dog not want to be there.

In this online dog training lesson I break down the corrections needed for a dog that is not focussing on me or my commands.  I use a toy that is very high value for Maya, a tennis ball.  I teach her that there is a time to play and a time to listen.  The corrections I show are very clear to Maya and following along you’ll see how to fairly place these onto your dog.

I leave in any mishaps so that you can learn from them.  This is a great lesson for anyone, whether beginner or advanced with e-collars and lays the foundation of my approach to using the e-collar.

The space around you and your dog is SACRED. Don't Spoil it!

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