Building Focus Through Distractions using an ECollar

Building focus with your dog is one of the very most important things you will do.  When you add distractions it will all seem to fall apart.

In this online dog training lesson I will give you an insight into Goofy’s amazing focus, which I have always been extremely proud of.  I can honestly say, he amazes even me.  I have seen soccer balls kicked within inches of him, dogs run into him, lunge at him and he will maintain his focus on me.  This is built through countless hundreds of training hours, years of relationship building and fair corrections.

Over-correcting a dog can often times cause bigger problems than what you are trying to fix.  You can use most any tool to correct for drifting focus (and I’ve used them all).  You can lure, reward, bribe, use corrections on a chain, a prong collar and an ecollar.  I decided to show you how fairly and mildly I use an ecollar for correcting the loss of focus.

I stress, I used ONLY a level 3 correction on Goofy’s collar.  He generally works on a level 4,5,6.  This correction is NOT a “Hey, you’re in trouble…”  it is a “Remember to look at me!”

I stress that your dog MUST understand the ecollar before you endeavor upon this level of lesson and that you follow my other ecollar lessons to understand just how amazing the tool can be when used fairly!

I think you’re gonna love this lesson.  It will not work this easily at first, and you might be disappointed – DON’T give up.  It may take weeks, months or years.  The end result will be a dog that you are so proud of!

Building Focus Connects You to Your Dog 100%!

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