Controlling a High Drive Dog – Rio Part Two

This lesson piggy-backs onto last weeks lesson as we continue to work with Rio.

In this online dog training session we work on building Rio’s focus through controlling his prey drive and thereby gaining a solid obedience.  This is the best way to build a relationship with this type of dog.  Rio is an Alano Español.  These dogs can be sued for herding as well as hunting wild boar.  They are serious dogs and should be controlled by someone who is familiar with dealing with prey drive.

This lesson is all about that.  How can we control the prey drive of a relatively “green” dog.  We need to teach the dog how to play by our rules, we need to make that fun and we need to teach the dog a simple way of controlling himself that is tied to our relationship.  It all may sound complicated, but it’s not.  It can be taught in a very fun way through structure, games and corrections that the dog sees as fair.

I break it all down in this weeks lesson and I think you will go away with an immense amount of understanding of prey drive.  Whether your dog has a high degree of prey drive or not, you should understand prey drive.  It is the secret to understanding the dog!

Control the prey drive of the dog and you control the dog!

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