The Down in Motion is one of the motion exercises in competitive obedience, including AKC and IPO / IGP.  There are three, the Stand in Motion, the Down in Motion and the SIT in Motion.  I’ll teach all three, but for the foundation it’s good to start with the DOWN in Motion.

Also, the Down in Motion is a great thing to be able to teach your dog to STAY when you have to keep moving forward and temporarily leave your dog.  It’s definitely an advanced exercise, but you’ll see, as I teach it to Duane, it can be taught to most any biddable dog.

The Down in Motion is an important skill for your dog to learn, because it helps them learn to focus on what you’re asking / telling them to do, not to be distracted by a visual.

I hope you’ll enjoy this online dog training lesson. It’s almost midnight here in CA and I’m just getting to posting this.  Had several issues with my computer, so I hope this video works.

Check the member page over the next couple of days as I’m doing to do a member only live chat maybe Friday.  I believe I’ve got the internet, camera and audio figured out.

This exercise teaches your dog to focus on your command and not get distracted!

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