I’ve posted several lessons on focused heel, in fact last week I posted the first 1/2 of this lesson on focused heel with tool like the riding crop and pull tab.

This weeks online dog training lesson focuses on using an e-collar to effectively communicate with your dog how to focus heel.  The communication, when done right, is clear, easy to understand and conflict free.  This heeling video can be used by those who want to compete in AKC, Ring Sport or IPO / Schutzhund obedience or any pet dog owner who just wants a better heel with their dog.  A focused heel is different from a loose leash walk in that we’re asking the dog to look ONLY at us.  This is an advanced video and will take some time to get.  Watch some of the other heeling videos first and when you’ve mastered them, watch and teach your dog this one.

Using an e-collar gives you the ability to dial corrections down to the smallest degree necessary and remove any physical proximity to your dog.  It is, in my opinion, the most effective dog training tool that exists (other than your mind).  Better than prong collars and most other collars.  A dog that has properly learned the e-collar is better trained and more reliable.

The E-Collar takes corrections away from you in your dog's eyes.

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