Foundations of Dog Training #1: Schedule

In this very unique lesson, I want to discuss some important points that will help clarify common questions and set you on a path to better understanding common stumbling blocks people face when training their dogs.

These mistakes are made by beginners as well as advanced level people.  Laying them out clearly will help you better understand how to set your dog, and yourself, up for success.

This is a general outline for dogs  approximately 9 months old and older.

Your goal is building a relationship through training.  


You’ll want to train your dog in short durations 10- 15 minutes

You can do this 3 -5 times a day. –  early morning and before bed are important times, then add a few times throughout the day.

 Expecting obedience early on sets a dog’s day up for structure and what a dog learns before they rest stays with them.

I like to confine a dog before and after training.  So that means, take the dog from the crate *potty, then training…. short play session, * potty and a short duration of confinement  ** feeding or reward via kong or marrow bone, etc.

 Over training can be an issue, but it’s more likely to be an issue if you do longer durations as it flattens the dog’s drive.

Remember to always make training fun!
Dogs learn through success.
Remember A Correction Makes Something Wrong Right… The Art Of Correcting

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