Ever wonder how many different ways there are to HEEL with your dog?  Well, there’s heeling on the left, heeling on the right and then….  Heeling between your legs.

Although this doesn’t seem very practical to most people, there are specific places it is required.  Namely in Mondio Ring Sport, it is a necessary skill – and some people love to show this off as a skill their dog possess just for fun.  Well, I’ve been asked by several members to teach this and in this lesson I address it

The online dog training lesson starts out with Duane, our young Labrador Retriever who has NEVER done this before, so you’ll see how I get him used to it and get him used to getting into the position and work through some of the issues, then in the second part of this lesson, I show the more  advanced points of the skill with Goofy introducing distractions and more.  Goofy learned this years ago, and although I haven’t practiced with him for a while, he hasn’t forgotten.

I think you’re gonna LOVE this lesson.  Super fun to practice with your dog and a great skill to build an even better bond with your dog!

This is an advanced skill that you can teach your dog for fun...

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