Fun with Tug

Tug is not only a fun game to play with your dog, but it also benefits your relationship with your dog tremendously. If your dog will play tug with you, you will have a bond with that dog like none other.

I will state on the outset that not EVERY dog will play tug. If your dog won’t, forcing them will not work. In this lesson I want to show you some ways to teach your dog the game and learn the skills to make it fun.

Most working dogs and herding dogs will love the game and benefit greatly from it. You’ll see in this online dog training video how much Goofy loves it.

Tug does involve a fight drive in the dog. The dog must want to engage in this “play fight” with his or her person. Some dogs, like our Jimi would never play tug (and trust me I’ve tried). Give it a try and see what you think.


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